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Catching up with frames

Why did you choose the title for the new music?

darcy: our most recent song is called peach pit. i think the title is pretty self-explanatory. the song’s hook is “can’t listen to peach pit” zane: quite simply, the song is about the band “peach pit”, and how they fit into a breakup story which the rest of the song is about. nate: as with all our music, we try to write about something that’s rooted in our own experiences and stories. with our single “peach pit”, that came from a band that was a part of a whole breakup story.

Can you tell our audience what the song is about?

darcy: it’s a song i wrote about an ex of mine, whom i had bought concert tickets for as a gift, however, he broke up with me before i was able to give the tickets to him, so i was stuck with these tickets, and no one to see the band with. zane: peach pit is about dealing with the things that used to make you happy because frankly they can't anymore. the lyric “you sure know how to drop the guillotine on me” is definitely an accurate representation of what that feels like nate: “peach pit” is about a breakup and how certain things you used to enjoy became so connected and mentally intertwined with the thought of that person that at the end of the relationship you can no longer do those things.

Why did you choose to release the music now?

darcy: this song was released about nine months after the event had happened, which i think allowed enough time for the song to settle into its intended emotional range. nate: especially with a song about a breakup, it takes time before someone can feel comfortable writing abut it, and once the writing process begins, everyone gets excited, and we like to push new music out to our fans as soon as we feel good about what we’ve created.

Can you tell us the journey about making the music?

darcy: i wrote the song, sent a rough demo to my band and our producer, wyatt boyer, and then off to the studio we went. the song went through a ton of different stages, but i’m super happy with how it ended up. zane: darcy wrote the song, then later i was asked to play on it, and the rest is history. nate: with all of us being high school and college students, it is more difficult to not only find time to write together and collaborate, but to fit recording into the schedule. lots of voice memos back and forth, plus a group calendar all made things possible.

What kind of journey was it for you to be ready to release the music?

darcy: i think i always knew that i wanted to release the song. i tend to not write out the bad songs. i feel i have a pretty good intuition when it comes to knowing if a song is good or not, so i’ll just stop writing a song if i don’t think it’ll be good in the moment. zane: there wasnt a huge journey, having only been asked to play the guitar part for the recording. But outside of those processes was a lot of just being available for others so they could process what was happening. nate: long drives and phone calls. that’s a lot of what we had to do, a lot of planning too; whether that be planning recording sessions or planning publicity and stuff behind the scenes, but it's all worth it to show people what we make.

Where can new fans stream it?

darcy: literally everywhere! zane: peach pit is on all platforms! nate: all platforms! apple music, spotify, youtube, wherever you consume music!

How do they follow you?

darcy: we’re super active on instagram (@framesthemusic), so that would be a great place to get ahold of us! zane: we are on instagram the most (@framesthemusic), although our tiktok is a really fun place to be as well! nate: you can follow us on instagram, facebook, and tiktok, all @framesthemusic or go to our website

What's next for you!

darcy: new music new music new music new music new music zane: new music! We’ve got some really great stuff up ahead for you guys so stay tuned! nate: new music, go to our socials for some hints and previews of what we’ve got coming!

All About the Band:

frames is an indie-rock band from Central Illinois, who describe their sound as “power pop”. Consisting of Singer, Darcy Johnson, Lead Guitarist, Zane Simmons, Bassist, Nathan Logsdon, and Drummer, Logan Archdale. Since 2019, they have been writing and releasing music together. Their newest tune, “peach pit”, has three awards in tow, for songwriting, engineering, and production. frames is most recognizable by their use of blunt and relatable lyrics that confess their real-life experiences. stream us on spotify: stream us on apple music: share our newsletter: follow us on instagram: buy our merch:

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