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Album Review: Eric Alexandrakis Releases New Valentine’s Day Album Love’s A Bitch

By: Colin Naughton

Grammy nominated artist Eric Alexandrakis releases new album Love’s A Bitch, which is a Valentine’s Day themed album including many songs about love and relationships.

Love’s A Bitch is unlike any album I’ve ever heard before. It is so uniquely creative and quirky, it truly stands out from the crowd and provides its own musical flair. Alexandrakis starts out the album with a strange yet humorous introduction. It then goes right into the first song which is a very upbeat, joyous track titled “Love Me.” I really enjoy the music all throughout the record, each track has a certain degree of individuality to it. “She Sparkles” is such a fun love song with great vocals that make you want to sing along with the chorus, very cheerful melody and good guitar playing throughout. “Mediterranean Sun” has teenage angst vibes centered around a real rock and roll guitar chord progression with riffs interspersed throughout.

There isn’t one specific genre that is covered in this album. It goes from pop to rock to indie, even within each song there are vibes of different genres as each song takes you on its own musical journey. Love’s A Bitch is a work of true creativity and musical geniusness unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. You can hear influences of 1980’s pop, and late 90’s to early 2000’s pop rock as you listen to the album. As I listen I think of Duran Duran meets Blink 182.

I love the drumming and guitar playing in every track, the drumming is so upbeat and keeps a good rhythm to set the tone for each song and then the guitar playing keeps your attention and continues to pull you in.

The lyrics in this album focus on the theme of love which is one of the most important and most difficult human emotions. Alexandrakis takes a topic that is easily relatable for every listener and adds his own flair to it, creating a love album that incorporates a humorous edge to it. It is important not to take life so seriously all the time which is Alexandrakis’ goal of this album, to help people let loose and enjoy life.

Love’s A Bitch can be streamed on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Eric Alexandrakis’ career on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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