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Fiercely unique and independent with folk blues and rocker vibes, singer/songwriters Angela Perry and Steve Paul formed the duo group Thistle Breeze in 2021. Using distinct harmonies, Angela and Steve’s music reflects the story of the soul in all of its idiosyncrasy: joy, heartbreak, despair, loneliness, happiness.

Angela, a small town Kansas girl, brings a rawness and power to the music she sings and creates. She has performed at various venues throughout Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming.

Angela's song “Sunflower Child” was released in July 2021 debuted at a Benefit Concert for a former student who has leukemia, and now for awareness in Ukraine, the song has hit over 350K views on You Tube and Facebook/Instagram. Both songs “Fallen” and “Colorado Blues” have been viewed over 50K and have been featured on several Spotify playlists. Angela released her album “21Dayz” in April 2022. She performed “Sunflower Child” at Rocky Mountain Songwriters Festival as a top 20 finalist. Angela is performing at the Ozone Songwriter’s Festival in New Orleans, Louisana Fall of 2022, and SXSW Festival in Austin,Texas in the spring of 2023. Angela also teaches music in a Title 1 public school and teaches private lessons after school. She is also available on streaming and social meda platforms such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Twitter,Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram,Linked In. You Tube.

Steve Paul grew up in various places including New York and Louisana Steve’s songs express life’s wisdom through the lens of spiritual growth, the trials and triumphs of romance, and a father’s love for his children. His music relates to his deeply personal journey. With a style some call folk/rock, sometimes crossing into lite jazz or country often with a Broadway flare, Steve sings with a depth of emotion that will touch your soul.

Currently, Angela and have been performing at Venues across Colorado, Kansas, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Texas. The duo also created the “Breeze through Music” a project where Angela and Steve work with all ages 4-104 providing engaged instruction and interaction through music. They have also stepped into the studio with new music and are scheduled to release in the fall/Winter 2022/2023.

You can catch Thistle Breeze’s music, the latest events, and Press on Thistle Breeze website or at They are also available on all streaming platforms.

Thistle Breeze/ Angela Perry and Steve Paul:

With your latest music, what has inspired you to innovate differently?

With our latest music and going back into the studio, we really want to bring in music that has a depth of feeling and experience with some real meaning behind it. We are not the average, let’s just put something out there. We want to have music that is just good.

What tools do you use on a daily basis that apply to your music making?

Everyday, we have goals that I need to accomplish in music making whether it be marketing, bookings, recording, practicing, playing, listening, writing etc. We also have a regular calendar and a working calendar so we can keep track of events and the things we are involved in.

What do you like to do outside of music that helps the music making process?

Angela loves being outdoors and being active whether it is in the gym, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding etc. The outdoors helps clear the mind, helps gain perspective and clarity. Steve likes to watch movies, research, and does Yoga to help bring clarity.

What creative planning has to take place to prepare you to finally release your music?

There is so much that has to be completed. Advertising, and getting ready to bring out the music is so important. A huge marketing campaign is necessary to bring it about.

What are your main sources for industry news to keep you informed on everything that is going on in your industry?

I have used indie bible, Amplify, Spotify for Artists, Various workshops put on from people in the business etc.

Give our readers some advice about a time when you thought of a better way to do something in music?

The best advice I can give is just do it and do not be afraid of what anyone tells you. People will be resistive but you must plug ahead anyway. Forget about what other people say and just do your own thing.

You can find us at:





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