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Clay Melton is coming at you with fire on his release of “Imaginary Traveler”. The single is releasing on June 3rd as a part of his upcoming live album “Live in Texas”. This lead single features Melton’s powerful vocals and is accompanied by a shredding guitar throughout. First off, we have to talk about this guitar part! You can hear the guitar’s first entrance in the intro of the track. There’s a hook in the guitar melody that repeats throughout the intro and into the verse. It’s got a snappy beat that is surely going to get stuck in your head. The verse builds into the guitar hook once again - with cool and symbolic lyrics Melton draws you further into the track. Around two minutes into the song, a climactic guitar solo breaks out. Finally, taking us back into the original setting of the song Melton plays shreds on the guitar and repeats the famous lines “You know I’m not a traveler, I’m just a wanderer” before leading us into the final line of the song - the original guitar hook. The lyrics are abstract yet really symbolic and deep. Songs like this are always great because they can reach a wide audience where each listener is able to create their own interpretation. This song showcases the pure talent of Clay Melton, along with his creativity and rocker spirit. He challenges traditional song structure while still bridging the gap of modern roots sound and classic rock n’ roll. Pairing a killer guitar melody with deep lyrics and powerful vocals, Clay Melton really brought it all on this one. You can catch him live at Heights Theater in Houston, TX on June 3rd where he will kick off his summer tour!

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