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We can't wait for you to meet the talented Singer/ Songwriter Constanza Herrero who talks her latest release "Silent Night", recording sessions and how she wants to serve a message with her music!

Constanza!! We can't tell you enough how much we LOVE "Silent Night"! Your voice is a holiday dream!! Can you tell us what went on behind the scenes to get this song out!

Thank you so much for your kind words. I am very happy with the reception that this arrangement has had so far since its release last week. So I decided to release this Christmas single only a few weeks before the release. I got encouraged by a few people to do so. Christmas is such a special time to me and every year I am involved in singing in different Christmas events which of course this year that wasn’t possible unfortunately. So I decided to share the hope of Christmas this way this time. I had fun recording this version of one of my favourite Christmas songs ‘Silent Night’. It is a very acoustic version, I wanted to help people reflect on the message of the song so all the arranging elements were thought to serve that purpose. How many recording sessions do you go through before you feel like a song is finished? It all depends on the song. In general I tend to be super perfectionist and picky so if I can record another track to sing or play better I would until it’s not only good but super good. But I have learnt also through the years that your songs can always sound better, so I have grown into resting in just doing my best. Recording sessions also depend on whom you are working with. The musicians that have played my songs have all different ways to approach their sessions and I love to respect them and let them do their thing. As an independent artist there’s also the factor of resources and time to consider when it comes to the end product. Sometimes I wish songs could be done quicker (including the mix and master) but real life is not always the dream. Though I believe everything is exactly when it is supposed to be and I am grateful for the opportunity I have to share my music to people’s lives. What makes you proud when it comes to how you've grown as an artist? Being independent has really pushed me to stretch my abilities and do things that I thought I would never be able to do, so even though it’s been challenging, it has all been worth it. But more than any achievements in working with my music independently, I am happy to be able to make music that is true to who I am, for staying faithful to my beliefs, because I could have a lot of success but if I am compromising my values then there’s nothing to be proud of. Have you always been a daring artist or do you ever feel self conscious about your work? Most of the time I am both at the same time. I put myself out there, trusting the purpose behind me sharing my music but going through a lot of anxiety on the inside. I have rejected a few opportunities because I have been too scared to take but I have also taken a lot of risks. I am an introvert but the fact of having lived in 3 different countries has forced me to be more daring. I have also learnt how to live with insecurities, trying to bring them quickly to light and rest in what’s really the truth. I am confident in the heart of my music, why I want to use my voice and that’s where I constantly go to find strength to keep going when things seem a bit dark, disappointing or scary, because it is ultimately about your message and not about yourself. So I am willing to keep daring. Thank you Constanza for taking the time out to interview with us and for all your insight into your musical world! Let our readers know where they can listen to "Silent Night" and follow your musical dreams!! You can find the recording of Silent Night on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc). and I just released the music video on YouTube, which I would love you all to check out. YouTube link: For more information about my music news follow me on Instagram @constanzaherrero and join my email list by reaching out to me at Thank you so much!

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