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Country Star Bobby Kendrick talks what Country music means to him and upcoming release 'Señorita'!

You are a country star continually rising! What was a peak that you most cherish in your career so far?

A peak for me was hitting 1,000 views of Polyester on YouTube. I think the one that was most memorable was the first time people found me on Bandsintown and specifically came to see my show. Who do you go for support when you need to stay motivated? Staying motivated hasn't been a problem. However, family is a huge support. Specifically, my wife. Are the lyrics or the music behind the lyrics first to be made?

My usual process is vibing on the guitar, then comes the melody. I decide what the song is about and lastly, write the lyrics. What is your favorite part about country music? Country music is special because of the relatable stories it tells. I love the joy it brings when you are able to put situations that can be difficult, in a joyful light that so many of us can understand. You have a release coming up, tell us all about! Señorita is one of those songs that just happened. I was leaving a friend's house and declared on the way out the door, "I'm going home and writing a hit song!" I sat down with my guitar and strummed around. The next thing I knew, I had the hook and just had to fill in the blanks. This song is about that special someone that everybody knows, that just lights up a room when they walk in. You're hoping to just spend a little time with them and see what happens. What is your favorite part of the song that you hope fans will love too? I am hoping that fans relate to the idea of taking a chance, stepping out, saying, "Hey, I like you. Do you think you like me too?" That takes a lot of courage sometimes. Give us your socials!

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