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Known for her dynamic performances and infectious energy, divaDanielle started her career after catching a record that the infamous Darren Emerson threw into the crowd in 2003 (Grant Nelson’s “Free & Switch” for those who were wondering). After many years in the LA underground scene, she started releasing original tracks through InStereo Recordings. Her debut track (and now Diva theme song) “Work” spent 6 months on the Beatport House 100. In 2015 she struck gold with “I Got A Man,” a collaboration with DJ Dan, spending a month in the House Top 10. She has since released charting Funky House, Tech House and Bass House tracks on labels such as WyldCard Records, Fort Knox Recordings, Late Night Munchies and Wulfpack as well as put out numerous bootlegs, including a Tech House remix of Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. With forthcoming releases on InStereo and Admit One Records, she continues to consistently place in Beatport and Traxsource's Top 100 charts and be featured in their curated Best Of and Staff Picks lists. Check out her most recent remixes:

How are you living your best life right now?

I've completely shifted my focus to being in the studio right now. It feels like the best place to be. I love to travel. I love playing live of course. But, right now, I feel like the studio is calling me. I have so much music coming out of me at the moment. It definitely feels right.

Talk to us about your new music!

I just wrapped up a remix for DJ Denise called "I Feel Good." I think it might be my favorite thing I've done so far this year. I'm imagining it as the perfect sunrise or sunset track for all you DJs out there. A lot of emotion comes through. It makes me smile everytime I listen to it. We're shopping it around to labels right now. I cannot wait for the release!

When do you know when a song is done, DONE?

It's a feeling I guess. Sometimes, I just know there's nothing left that I can do. When a track is really good, or at least really good in my humble opinion, I find myself listening to it on repeat. That's the sign for me that a song is truly ready. When I feel I can just hear it over and over and not get tired of it, it's ready. Sometimes I imagine that I am in the crowd listening to another DJ playing the song. I imagine how I'd feel as a dancer, when and where I'd want to hear the song. That's when I know I'm very excited about a new release!

How did you become inspired to make this song?

It's a remix so I had the luxury of an already existing song to inspire me. Sometimes I feel like this is cheating a little bit. Ahahaha! I had a great vocal to start with. The emotions inherent in the vocals are what inspired the melodies I wrote underneath them. I wanted there to be an emotional build like when you are getting butterflies in your stomach. You feel the energy build and build and build. That's what I aimed to do with "I Feel Good."

How did you approach this song vs. songs past?

I wish I had more of a ritual or template to work off of because things would probably move quicker but every song really is different. I wrote a lot of different basslines trying to find the perfect one. I put the vocals on loop and just started playing on the keyboards. It actually took a few weeks before I got to the right place. Just me playing different tunes. Liking something and then hating it. Ha! One day, it just clicked out of nowhere. I had that feeling in my heart. Ooooooh, now it's finally right. Then everything else fell into place - the drums, the arrangement, etc. It all became easy.

Where do new fans go to follow you?

Instagram is where I post the most. All my adventures. All my music. My dog. My family. All the good stuff.

Where can fans stream and support you?

If you want to listen to original tracks and add them to playlists, just look up divaDanielle on Spotify. For streaming DJ mixes, find me at

What are you most excited about the new single?

I can't wait to see the crowd's reaction. There is a moment in the breakdown that felt like a stroke of genius. Just shoots the emotion through the roof. I can't wait to play it for people!

Can you leave us with some inspiration for our audience and how they can live their best lives?!

We all create in different ways. Some people love music. Some people love plants. Some people love math. Love kids. Love dogs. Love hiking. Whatever it is, no matter what you do in your career or your job, always make time for the people and the things that nurture your soul. Then your whole life becomes better.

Socials and how and where to follow YOU along your best life!

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