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The rad band Drop Top Alibi are here and they're sharing about their latest single, new music in 2021 and how they just had to keep on playing despite 2020!!

Thank you for being a part of this interview Drop Top Alibi!!! Your latest single "(Not Your Average) Sunday Morning" has caught our attention! What has been the most impactful response you've gotten about the song from a fan!? I think the overall impact from fans has been pretty awesome. 2020 definitely hindered our abilities to operate as normal and put out as much music as we would like. The fact that we had our best streaming year in 2020 and that a lot of our listeners are overseas has been pretty awesome for us.

Where do you have to be emotionally when you’re creating new music? I think that all depends on the song I guess, some are sad and some are more aggressive than others. Sometimes we just shoot the shit, jam and bounce riffs off each other. We write how we feel.

How have you taken care of yourself mentally in 2020 that you want to continue doing in 2021?

Best thing we could do is to keep playing. Replace gigs for rehearsals and try to keep motivated. 2021 will be full of new music for us and hopefully a return to the stage. Who have you been able to lean on when it comes to keep you creatively motivated? What new project has come from that support that you're excited about?

Generally we are pretty self-motivated, but we are lucky to have a few mentors in the industry that we can call for advice to just to bounce ideas off. We aren't able to give any details at this moment but 2021 is going to be filled with new music from us.

You're inspirational Drop Top Alibi! Where can we go and follow YOU and listen to "Not Your Average Sunday Morning" that is OUT NOW!! Our music is available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple Music You can follow us: Instagram: @droptopalibi

Facebook:Drop Top Alibi

Youtube: Drop Top Alibi

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