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We got the chance to speak with the wonderful and talented Singer/ Songwriter Dustin Powell about his new holiday single release "Joy", the new Wild West in music and what drives him as an artist and brings him the "Joy"!

Hi Dustin!! Thank you for interviewing with us!! You have a new single coming out called "Joy"! Please tell us ALL about the song!?

Thank you very much for having me today! "Joy" is my first Christmas/holiday release. I have always been a fan of the annual advent season, but what an unbelievable opportunity it's been to actually contribute musically to my favorite time of year!

What is the coolest thing you’ve learned about yourself as an artist recently?

I think the biggest thing that I have learned about myself recently as an artist is that no matter what current state or circumstances I have no choice but to be an artist and to create. The ability to make something out of nothing is what drives me and is what I hope I am lucky enough to always do.

Anything currently getting you excited about the music industry?

What excites me about the current state of the industry is that with all the new platforms of streaming and distribution it makes for an environment very similar to the wild west. My biggest concern is how all of this will affect the artist/fan relationship. As an artist for me the music and the fans come first!

What’s one thing your fans don’t know about your career?

Before moving back to Nashville I was in an Alternative Texas Country Band called Sweet Root! We had a single reach #1 on the Roots Rock Chart. Another thing fans may not know about me is that for a brief time I taught 6th grade social studies in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Please tell us where and when we can get "Joy" when it drops?! Also how our readers keep up to date with EVERYTHING you have going on!!!

You can find Joy on all major digital platforms! And please check out my Instagram and FB. New followers are always welcome!

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