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Modern Natives is a high-energy trio featuring melodic bass lines, audacious guitar, and a melting pot full of vocals. They love to have fun with their music while making sure the lyrics are meaningful. An ever-changing sound, blending rock, punk, pop and subgenres. Modern Natives are an explosive crossover - proof that punk isn’t dead.

So great to have you for our interview today Modern Natives. Tell us about your latest single and the impact it's had on your fans so far?

Our latest single, "Growing Pains" was written as a letter to the younger generation and millennials who are growing up in a world not as fostering as it may seem. This song is a story of not only experiencing the hardships of growing older, but also an instrumental remedy to come back to when lost in the quest to stability. Fans have told us this track is catchy, powerful with creative synths and beautiful production. It gets them excited and they enjoy the instrumental melodies. This feedback motivates us and gets us equally excited to create more and keep sharing!

Do you get more attached to songs over others?

Yes. Music affects everyone differently and has a stronger hold than others. This is also true from the creator's point of view.

What makes your single and the time you spent on the music memorable for you?

This is the first song we developed as a trio when Nick Hudson joined Modern Natives. All of us are relatively close in age so the message behind it is very relatable and easy for us to connect with as artists and listeners. What made it memorable was the opportunity for the three of us to develop our professional relationship, our friendship, and swap some great growing up stories!

Any tried or true techniques you have when creating the music?

We approach all of our songs a bit differently from one another! Some methods work for some but not others which makes it a fun challenge day after day. We pull from each of our strengths vocally and instrumentally to help structure and build each song. What are you most looking forward to in 2023 with your new music?

We are currently recording more releases to be distributed over the next 3-4 months. We are preparing to undergo our second tour starting on the US East Coast in April 2023 and taking us back to Alaska where we will be performing throughout the summer. We're also developing more and more merchandise that's available on our website. It's the best way to support us directly and help us on the journey! Anything in 2022 that you experienced that you're either leaving behind or bringing with you into 2023? We made a lot of great friends along the way on our first tour and we're excited to make plans to see them again on our next tour. We had a blast performing at venues across the country and in Canada! We learned a lot about ourselves and our music through our growing fanbase. We also developed a TON of logistical skills including marketing, promo, merchandising, booking, scheduling, and RV maintenance! The new mechanic skills will definitely help in the future! Where can our readers go to learn more about your future projects?!

You're rad. Leave us with a word or phrase that will describe what your fans can expect from you NEXT!

Get ready for us in 2023! It'll be a year of explosive new tracks, events and tours!

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