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Get to Know More About Sophia Warren!!

We are excited to hear all of your future music!

Hi Sophia! It is so great to speak with you today!

Thank you so much for having me! What is something you have been enjoying lately? Hobbies, TV Shows, books, etc.. Recently I've been watching a lot of older Pixar/Disney movies! It's very comforting but, reminds me how old am to know that some of my favorite movies came out a decade ago! If you could have any superpower for a day, what would it be and why? SuperSpeed! I love to travel so id try to make it to a few places I've always wanted to go like Portland and Vancouver! But, this all depends on how fast I could be! Who are some of your biggest musical influences? Bands like Radiohead and Coldplay are some of the main reasons I became a singer/musician. Their music is so moving and intricate if I could make something even close to what they make, my life would be complete! What is one of your favorite experiences you've had working as an artist so far? I think creating a song for the first time I was proud of and thought of as my vision! I've worked with some people who push their ideas onto me and don't let me explore with my own creative path so, being able to create something I'm happy with is an amazing and freeing experience! Is there anything you have coming up that you are looking forward to? Hopefully, soon I'm going to be able to release some singles! I can't wait to hear people's thoughts and ideas about my music so, I can take those constructive criticisms and become an even better musician/singer! Please let our readers know where to follow you and find your music! My Facebook and Instagram is @sophiawarrenmusic and my TikTok where I post all my covers is @sophiawarrenmusicc Thank you for your time!

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