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Born and Raised Kentucky artist Kentucky Dom talks his latest single 'Guns and Hoses' and why the song matters.

How are you living your best life right now?

Well, that’s a good question… I’d say for the most part, I’m happy with my life based on all of the odds I faced coming up as a young man. Right now I’m a serial entrepreneur owning multiple businesses with my wife, and I have a business/hobby making music which is my passion. My faith and my foundation are intact, so for me it’s pretty simple, my life is a lot better than before, so I’d say, I’m living my best life based on my current situation. Congratulations on Guns and Hoses! Thank you! Guns and hoses' release date was last August, the 28th if I’m not mistaken lol! I’ve slept since then. Where did the title come from? One of my friends is the chief of police, and they host an event called Guns & Hoses, where first responders duke it out in the boxing ring, filling up the stadium with sometimes 11,000 fans. Police officers and sheriff, versus paramedics and firemen. It is a really awesome event where they raise money for a nonprofit organization called cops connecting with kids. Previous years before I had been asked through a record label that I was signed to to help make this song, but it did not work out at the time. Fast forward to last year, the chief of police and I had a conversation and he decided to give me an opportunity to create the song. So the title came from the event. After doing research, I found out that they have these events all over the country. How did you become inspired to make this song? Well, with all of the controversy and everything that is going on in our country in these times, I feel like I was called to create some type of positive vibe towards first responders, police officers, sheriff's department etc. Growing up I can remember playing cops and robbers and I don’t think I can ever recall a time when someone wanted to be the robber by choice. Every kid black, white, Latino wanted to be a police officer. I don’t want to have a society where kids think that all of the influencers and people in society hate police officers, So I decided to make this song and support the men and women who sacrifice their lives every day to protect our communities. How did you approach this song vs. songs past? We also love We All American! I would say, basically I just go with the flow. Usually when I come up with a song and concept, it is because of a life experience, or something that I am in the middle of at the time. I will say whenever I made this song, I was super cautious of making sure that I supported, and represented law-enforcement in a positive light. I know how sensitive this topic is in this generation, and I did not and do not want to create controversy more than what it has already been. Also, being an African-American country music artist, it is perceived that I am not supposed to like law-enforcement, or associate myself with law-enforcement because of the color of my skin. I want to break that stereotype, I use this song as a source of unity and reconciliation between law-enforcement and urban communities. Where do new fans go to follow you? My fans can follow me pretty much on any social media platform, I have Instagram, TickTock, Twitter, and Snapchat and they all have the same address @Kentucky_Dom, And on Facebook it is @Kentuckydom. Where can fans stream and support you? You can pretty much get my songs on any digital music platform. You can go to Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and any other popular digital music platform worldwide. What are you most excited about the new single? I would say, I am most excited about the opportunity that I have to inspire young kids to still want to be good police officers, protecting our communities, and firemen, protecting our homes from fire and arson. Can you leave us with some inspiration for our audience and how they can live their best lives?!

I will tell you what someone once told me, “if you want to be successful at anything in life, always be doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing and you will be successful.”

Don’t be afraid to be a leader, don’t be afraid to stand out. Be yourself and live a full, true and happy life, because you didn’t live your life based upon what others thought about you, but what you are called to do.

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