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The talented Singer/ Songwriter Hannah Hampton shares her Nashville dreams with us!

How are you living your best life right now Hannah!?

Right now I'm just trying to enjoy where I'm at in my life by spending time with friends, working on music and just enjoying each day that I have on this earth and trying to stay positive and remember how lucky and blessed I am.

You're based in Nashville! When did you move out and why?

I moved to Nashville in 2008 to pursue my dream of being a country singer. I had known since middle school that I was going to move here because my dad is from here and growing up we came here to visit a lot. I just always pictured myself here because my love for music and specifically country music has always been so strong.

Favorite spots to perform in Nashville?

The Row, Hotel Indigo, any karaoke bar ;)

Are you performing anywhere soon that you can share?

I'm currently working on booking shows but will always update that on my Instagram and Facebook pages!

Dream place to perform in Nashville?

Definitely The Ryman. It's always been number 1 on my bucket list

Upcoming music? Give us all the details!

I'm about to start recording some songs to be released next year! I can't wait to put out new music and really get back out on the scene.

Where is there to go next in your music goals?

I'm trying to take it little by little, so right now I'm focused on booking shows and recording new music!

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