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They're here!!! The conscious band Blooming Fire talks "Inside the Fire", the inside scoop of what else they're doing to connect with fans and looking inside yourself through the ups and downs!

Hey Blooming Fire! Can you please tell us what you're up to RIGHT NOW with your music because we LOVED "Dunia"!!

Hi! Thank You, pumped you love it, it was a lot of fun to make and definitely had us flying by the seat of our pants. We wrote and recorded it within two months because we needed new music to promote after parting ways with some original members and starting over. Right now we're working towards recording our first full length album and building stronger relationships with our fans. We created this awesome community called the Earth Headz! It's a place for us to connect with our fans one on one everyday and more personally than our regular social media pages allow. We do private live streams, merch giveaways and share new updates first. It's a great way to get feedback and input directly from our fans. Anyone who's interested in following along our journey can connect here: Besides the album we have a secret electronic EP we're also working on but that release is unknown at the time because our focus is on the album. There's two badass projects in the works alongside the album. One is a private portal of content and VIP perks that will be a patreon type of group. It's called Inside the Fire. A place for our fans to support us on a monthly basis but in return they get hooked up big time with private merch, exclusive content such as Sustainable Living Techniques, Skateboarding 101 and Cooking with Plants. Fans can expect a lot from Inside the Fire Portal. The second project we're working on is called #DoitfortheDUNIA or #DoitfortheEarthchallenge which is something we're actually challenging ourselves to do as a band. Each week we will "Do" an act of kindness for the Earth. Dunia means Earth in Swahili and it's the name of our most recent EP called Dunia.

How much time do you give yourself in between releasing projects?

Honestly it's been such a rollercoaster leading up to this point we have not been fully in control of that timing. It's important to let things flow as they should but to never stop writing. When releasing Dunia like we mentioned above it was a pretty intense moment of change for us and we had to make things happen quick, it was kind of rushed and chaotic but fell into place nicely. Now that it's been the core four of us who have been in the project since the beginning, we're all on the same page and we've really set a lot of time aside to focus on the album and work on it at the pace it needed to bloom, ha ha, into itself. Time is a funny thing.

Who is the first person you have listened to your music when you're done recording?

The very first people would be a couple family members maybe but honestly its with the Earth Headz and Inside the Fire Portal. Those are the beautiful beings who have supported us the most. We can't wait to share it with them and hear what they have to say!

Can you give a piece of advice to someone that feels discouraged about their artistry?

Just like life there are moments of ups and downs, it's not always easy, sometimes it's really scary and self-doubting but when we channel that pain through art, it's a moment we can all relate to. We use music as a medium to feel sane in this wild world. We express ourselves to feel better, to let it out in a healthy way. Don't stop letting it out in a healthy way, share it with the world. Art is breath, keep breathing life into what you want to say to the world. Stand up for your beliefs and don't let anyone block your shine. Only you control you, the rest we just have to leave it up to fate.

Thank you for taking time to speak with us! You are a true inspiration! Tell us where we can follow you and become Earth Headz!!

You can find us everywhere under Blooming Fire Our Top Recommendations:


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