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New Year, New music!

Happy New Year! What have you been up to so far with your music?

“Crimson Devices” went live to start the year off! Otherwise we’ve been working in the studio on upcoming material. The pandemic took live music, but the creative process is as healthy as it’s ever been.

What would your fans be surprised to learn about the band?

I don’t know about surprised, but given the nature of the group and our disparate headings, it’s interesting seeing the elements of the songs come together in the way they do. I like to think that I challenged James, Will, Nick, and Kirk to step outside of their bailiwicks at least a little bit on the Showpiece tracks, so it feels like we’re constantly experimenting, even though that isn’t intended to be evident from the surface. The goal is to do interesting things somewhat surreptitiously, so that they glide like pop songs even where we kick convention. When we’re having fun and you’re none the wiser to our chicanery, that’s an achievement.

Where is a place you can't wait to perform when you can?

Not one we’ll agree on here. Close to our respective homes would be noteworthy for any of us, but location is pretty irrelevant. It ultimately comes down to finding the people you connect with. If that’s a stage in Brazil, a bar in Latvia, or a discotheque in Mali, that’s where you want to be.

What has been the best reaction you've received from a fan that was a result of your music?

Couples disagreeing over what and who we sound like is always fun. To that end, people have supposed quite the array of influences. The consensus seems to be any decade from the last 70 years - just not the one we’re currently in. But it still feels like ‘20s music to us. In general though, any time somebody comments on the same parts that we enjoy, it’s a treat. Validating.

We can't wait to see what's up next with you! How do we keep connected?

We’re on Instagram and Facebook as – but following us on Spotify is the easiest way to catch the impending releases.

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