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Jill Fiore is a singer and songwriter on a mission to unleash the strength and tenacity in every listener. Known for her powerhouse, bluesy vocals and slick rock guitar licks, her songs are like anthems of empowerment and personal evolution through the ups and downs of the long game of life. A musical fixture on the Lower East Side for years, Jill has performed in a variety of venues from New York to California, until she was forced to create her own.

In 2020 Jill launched THE FIORE ESCAPE—live pandemic-era rock shows she performed with her full band right outside her apartment windows. With amps, mics, stage lights, and an irrepressible rock spirit, she transformed her fire escape into a mini music venue. An early COVID survivor, Jill’s illness was a wake-up call to step up her writing and continue performing, even during a time of social isolation. At its heart, The Fiore Escape is Jill’s way of entertaining and inspiring the hell out of her fellow New Yorkers.

Jill followed that with a January 2021 single “Nobody Loves Me Like I Do,” her first official release in her 20+ years performing. She went back in the studio in April and recorded more tracks that would comprise the “Ten Feet Tall” EP, put out in June 2021. And then, the release of her first ever music video for “The Climb,” filmed in the Arizona desert. Her latest single release, “Away From Me,” honors her father who passed away amidst all of her creative endeavors. Writing this song broke down the barriers of writer’s block from grief, and reminds many that even with great loss, recognize that you are “still here living.’

Jill was recently featured on ABCNews as one of 2021’s most inspirational people of the year. She has been featured on NBC All Access, in The New York Post, and the widely renowned ‘Humans of New York’ which expanded the reach of her music and energy across several countries. She is celebrated for the connection she brings to her community and the inspiration she brings forth in many others with her untethered resilience to remain creative in the face of adversity.

Keep an eye on this one. Her spirit and determination will not let you down.

What is the power of performing LIVE?

Performing live is my happy place. It’s a direct line to people who receive, feel, and get something from the energy that I bravely put out there. It is the place that I don’t question myself, who I am, or what I’m doing. And none of that would happen without the energy that the audience is giving right back to me.

Where are you set to perform soon?

I have a showcase coming up on Wednesday May 18th at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC’s lower east side at 7pm. That’s my hood! Very close to where I live and have been putting on “The Fiore Escape’ shows throughout the pandemic to support the community that I love and keep live music ALIVE. Arlene’s is a great venue, I’m so happy it made it through the tough times. It’s a great line up and should be a really wonderful night!

How are you performing at your best lately?

I trust myself so much more now when I perform. I’ve learned a lot from the many times of having to pivot and still pull off a great performance when the odds are against you with equipment or technology, other humans being human and challenging, or just feeling off and having to get through it. Obstacles always pop up. But there really is no perfect performance. It’s how you handle all the things with grace and perseverance to just get it all out there and have the time of your life on stage so others can too.

Is there something that you're performing at your least?

I used to find it challenging to perform an older tune that’s not relevant to the current phase of my life with the same enthusiasm. But, I’ve really learned to get into the “how far I’ve come” behind it all. That’s also the premise of most of my songs. The verses are the journey or the struggle, and then the chorus is the realization that it all makes you a better you in the end. I’m also often reminded that though it’s not new to me, it’s new to someone else hearing it for the first time.

Do you ever feel like you lower your expectations when it comes to creating or do you always raise the bar? How does this help you keep moving forward?

Oh I am definitely someone who constantly raises the bar. It’s both a blessing and curse! I seem to be able to keep up with myself because I keep gaining knowledge, momentum, and inspiration from each and everything that I put out there, so it’s almost impossible to stop moving forward. I just have to remind myself to do it at whatever pace is appropriate for the next thing and not burn out.

Do you ever look back on what you used to create?

I like to look back at some of the things I used to create and feel happy to be reminded that I always have been creating something. I have journals upon journals with entries and lyrics, photographs, videos. I’m such a better guitar player now too. It’s great to see how much I’ve grown and feel like there’s proof that I’ve always been committed to creating art in some way.

Is there a difference on HOW you create NOW?

I’m creating very differently now as I keep learning to embrace being vulnerable as an artist. I’m saying what I want to say without worrying about what others think. I’m asking for what I want without fearing the answer being no. I’m putting things out in the world with both fear and excitement, but always with the hopes that it is relatable and reaches someone. It’s the best thing on the planet when it does.

Give us your favorite line from a song and why it's so special to you?

There is a line in my latest single ‘Away From Me’ that was really tough to get through in rehearsals and in the recording studio without choking up… “When hard as hell you said hustle, and it’s alright.” I wrote that song soon after my dad died to get through the grief and it really helped. He was the person who taught me to work hard for what you want in life. Pushing through to the other side of struggle is something we all have to do. That line means the world to me, reminds me of that and of him.






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