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Rhode Island-bred Lainey Dionne is breaking barriers and building her BEST LIFE. Find out how in this exclusive interview we got the honor to have with the songstress!

How do you want to break barriers in the music industry as an artist?

I'm just trying to be authentically me in the industry. I don't want to be boxed in by genres. I create snapshots of my life in song - it's what I feel like I was meant to do. If I'm lucky enough to get a platform as an artist, I'll use that platform for what's important to me and to try to make the world a more connected place.

You're bringing it with your music! Can you tell us what we should expect from Vampire?

Vampire is an angsty song about an ex boyfriend I had that just sucked the life out of me. You know the type of people that just drain you of all your energy yet they have enough charisma that you keep them around? This song sees past the charismatic disguise and calls out what they really are! This song is definitely one of those jams that you shout out in your car with the windows down.

It was released on your B-day! Happy belated birthday! Why the specific date?

Thank you! I just wanted to put out something I worked hard on and what better birthday present than celebrating your work!? It was exciting to release something so boppy and fun on my birthday.

Where can fans stream and support the music?

Literally any app or service that has music, you can find me there! All links are on my website but here's a quick link to Spotify!

How do you feel after a song's release?

Like a weight has been lifted! A lot of work goes into releasing music and you feel so free and light when it's finally put out into the world!

How did you come up with the idea for your album Self Titled?

Honestly, it was just whatever I was going through. Like I said each song is a photograph; on Self Titled we have some songs about foreign flings I had in Europe, some songs about a long term relationship that ended in disaster, some songs about depression and others about finding self worth! It's just whatever was happening, I sat down with a pen and my guitar and got writing! This album is definitely a raw look at my life over the past few years.

How did you come up with the visuals?

I wanted the album cover of Self Titled to represent a scrapbook of my life and my pose on the front cover is more or less expressing "I'm over this, onto the next chapter!". Hey London's cover is a picture I took of a tube sign in London with Big Ben in the background. Skin's cover is a darker creepier picture of me to represent how depression creeps under your skin. I Love You To Death's cover symbolizes me not being able to see what's in front of me, which is a toxic person, and they are killing me but disguising how terrible they are with flowers- this is my favorite cover! Video Game's cover is my Xbox controller held by a man's hands (my dad, thanks for the help!) with a female game character showing that she is being controlled. The background is my drawing of a castle in my favorite game, Shadow of The Colossus. My most recent single Vampire's cover is a polaroid of me as a kid on halloween!

Any passion projects currently?

I am working towards another album but I plan on releasing a whole bunch of singles first! The next one is called "2009" and it's about how carefree life was in high school! Make sure to follow my socials to know when it will drop!

Where can we listen and follow you!?

Official Website



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