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Lainey Dionne's latest album Self Titled is something you need to treat yourself to!

Congratulations on your latest release Self Titled!

Thank you so much! How does it feel to have the album out? It feels amazing. When I write music I let out all the feels so it's great to be able to release it into the world and have that weight be lifted off my heart. Now my old relationships live inside these songs and all the energy resides there. What was your favorite song to record? Senti(mental) was definitely my favorite song to re cord. I've never felt that much emotion in the studio before. I wrote this song predicting how I thought it would feel when my relationship comes to an end and it was hard to write but even harder to record because my relationship had ACTUALLY ended the week of recording it. I cried in the studio and we kept the takes in there where I was really crying. I've never really understood the saying "sing your heart out" until this song. It was so fresh and so raw. What was the most challenging one? Skin was probably the most difficult for me to perform in the studio. It has these really high notes in the bridge that I have to hit 4 times in a row when singing "why can't I hear you when it all goes quiet" and that was tough for me to nail. I had to really work with my vocal coach Hannah Schaefer to be able to achieve that part! You take the listener on an emotional journey. What was the journey like for you? Well, in this album you are really following my emotions throughout my love life in my twenties. I've had some relationships that give me this giddy pure happiness feeling and then I've had a lot that really broke me. I've had relationships that made me question who I am and lose myself. I've had relationships that make me so angry I want to scream and break things- I never have though, I just vicariously live through my songs (haha). I've had relationships that made me feel worthless and ones that made me realize my worth. Throughout all these dark and good moments, I've grown into myself and I feel very lucky to be proud of who I am today. What has the best fan reaction to the album been so far? I've had people tell me that my songs have helped them through their depression or helped save their lives. That is incredible to me- that something I wrote could do that for someone. That's the dream, to make someone feel less alone and understood through my art. Are you performing live any time soon? I perform at local bars and venues weekly in Rhode Island! I will be starting livestreams in October so you can watch me anywhere in the world! You can find that on Instagram or Facebook by searching @laineysmusic. I would love for you to comment or make a request! Is there anything that is coming up for the album that you are looking forward to? I am nominated for five New England Music Awards including Song of the Year for Hey London, Songwriter of the Year, Female Performer of the Year, Pop Act of the Year, and Best In State of RI. Winners will be announced on October 17th so stay tuned! How are you celebrating yourself? I had a livestream release party with my friend and some champagne the day of release which was fun! Then I got to take over a radio station in Boston WATD for 3 hours as a guest to play the whole album and then be a guest DJ which was super exciting thanks to John Shea! Other than that I've just been trying to keep up with the momentum of the album and create some new memories with more boys for the second album! Give us all your links and where to stream! Thank you Lainey!! Thank you!! Can't wait to hear from new fans!

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