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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Photo Credit: Chris

TylerTaken at WreckD Productions in Tinton Falls NJ

Makes My Blood Dance can not seem to sit still. Single after single, live show after killer live show, they've made a name splicing and mutating the genes of metal with disco, glam, and electropop.

Interview with Evan Russell Saffer - lead singer - Makes My Blood Dance

Thank you for letting us interview you! Let us in on your new music! When did you record it?

Everything you are hearing we recorded during the pandemic, pretty much 2020-2021. We learned to record virtually and upgraded our home studios to be able to keep working. John (guitar/programming) would send me a general arrangement and I would crank out vocals. Then Allan would recut the drums from Brazil, add some samples and we keep sending it around until it's complete. The final ingredient was having Dave Ogilvie (NIN, Tool, Birthday Massacre) mix the songs.

Any writing traditions you have when you're in that mode?

It comes in waves, you just have to be open to it. Sometimes I pick up my guitar and find a few melodies and chords that I like. John usually has something tinkering around. The process is really the two of us pinging the songs back and forth until we have something. Recently I have been doing a lot of vocals on my own, in my own studio. I have gotten great results because in the past we've been at larger studios and you feel the pressure of having to nail the song and watching the clock. There are pros and cons to both scenarios. We are gearing up to head out to LA to record with Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, One Republic) for our next record so that will be another game changer in our format.

Any recording stories you have that you'll remember forever from this music? Please share one with us!

I think the most remarkable memories are from the music video for Together Apart. It took so much planning and so many talented creatives came together to make it happen. If you haven't done so, head over to our Youtube channel and check out the video now. I have to plug the incredible choreography and electrifying dance moves of Ali Stevens. We had a great film crew as well in Rob Fitzgerald and Mike Kundrath from HIP video.

What do you want fans to appreciate about your artistry when it comes to the new music?

We have a style musically and in our visual creations that has some unique fusions. I really appreciate the theatrical goth cabaret makings alongside John's technical metal wizardry and the disco element stirred not shaken make a nice mocktail.

After the new year we typically forget about our resolutions, have you kept yours when it comes to your music making?

My resolutions are usually around things that I need motivation or discipline to accomplish. Music is not one of them. It's our religion and comes very naturally. My resolutions are more about my mental health, fear, and spiritual work that I want to enhance. Playing ice hockey and doing yoga several times a week really helps me stay balanced. We're about to head out on the road for the Lightning and Thunder Tour with Edge of Destiny (Austin, TX). The tour runs 3 weeks and is looking like it will be extended for another 2 weeks of shows in December. Check our website for dates and tickets. Having so many shows in such a short time takes incredible physical and mental discipline. When you do 10 shows in 11 days, is the last one as good as the first? That's the trick and staying healthy on the road. I think we have our work cut out for us on this one but we have an incredible entourage in our tour mates. We've also been doing virtual hangouts with all the support bands in every city. That has been amazing because we get to know each other a little, share best practices for playing out, making records, making videos, merch and all the stuff bands wind up talking about anyway at the venue. We just get to do it a little longer. Check them all out, you will see them listed on our tickets, sites and FB events. A Few that come to mind: Bring me the Fires (St Louis), Adulting Rejects (Baltimore, MD), Crunchy Honey (AR/MO), Shades of Oleander (Austin, TX), Looma (Dallas, TX), High-Brid Band (Baltimore, MD)

Give us your link for the music to stream, stream, stream! (Tour Dates, Together Apart Music Video,Tickets, Thongs)

Thank you for chatting with us! Where can our audience go to follow and support your stellar music journey!

Follow Makes My Blood Dance on Youtube, Instagram, Spotify and Tik Tok!

xox Evan

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