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Chris Koehn wants to make change in the world with his music.

How are you living your best life right now?

Enjoying every moment. Trying to make a change, and

making the best out of it, learning from it too.

What ways have you changed your life to be able to live your best life?

Embracing Impermanence, that everything changes constantly and not trying to get attached to anything. Living the present moment, everyday and being grateful for every little thing. ( Being Alive, having my senses, a home, people who love me). Trying to make a change in the world by seeing ways to help others.

What music should new fans be listening to?

1. Sharon Van Etten´s & Angel Olsen´s acoustic version of “ LikeI Used to “

2. Timber Timbre´s New EP I Am Coming to Paris.

3. Billie Eilish new album Happier Than Ever.

4. Playlist w/ my latest single which just premiered on Netflix no. 1 series Control Z : ¨” Little Wonder ( Live From Home )

Performing live ?

Right now between pandemics, I’m focused on finishing my new EP, afterwards I´lll start looking into some live performances. :)

Any advice you can give to artists out of experience?

Collaborate with other artists, learn from others , be humble and always believe in yourself because if you don’t, nobody else will.

Who are you most inspired by in this industry?

Leonard Cohen, Beatles, Joy Division.

Upcoming projects you can share with us?

Yes, new Metallica cover soon and also the first single of my new EP with some surprise collaborations.

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