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Max Muscato is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, producer and philanthropist. As a rock artist he brings electrifying performances to every show. Over the last several years Max has gained an extensive following and has toured and opened for: Citizen Cope, Theory of a Deadman, Aaron Carter, Finger Eleven, Eric Gales, Ripe, The Allman Betts Band and more. He is currently working on his next singles Valarie and Toxic & Poison due out in 2022.

In addition to his music career, Max is also the founder of Rock Autism Music Festival and the creator/writer of the new TV show “Setlist.” The show is the truest depiction of their family dynamic while revealing the grind it takes to make it in the music industry. Max's powerful songs written about his brother's struggle with Autism and addiction is a deep-rooted catalyst that drives his passion and career. Proceeds from his festival fund Rock Autism programs for individuals with Autism, connecting them to a career in music and film.

What stands out to you as being the piece of music that has changed the game for the industry?

I think a piece of music that has changed the game for the industry is Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon. It challenged musicians to think about what was actually possible with composing an album. The incredible symphonic scores, beautiful yet edgy guitar solos and creative lyrics all contributed to why this album had stood the test of time and still remains one of the greatest albums ever.

You are a game changer yourself... How do you want to change the game with YOUR music?

I want to bring the essence of music back into the music industry. So much of today's music is digital, and while there's nothing wrong with that it's not my style. I want to have a performance with a full band accompanied by a full orchestra, a killer light show and moments that leave the audience in awe.

How are you putting together your next project?

I'm currently in the studio with my next single 'Toxic & Poison.' It'll have a more electrifying and impactful sound than my previous single that I think the fans will enjoy.

Who are you collaborating with?

For this single I collaborated with my father. He's a 30-year pro drummer who used to tour with Aerosmith. As my drummer now, I put together the bones of the song then we'll work on percussive rhythms, punctuations and breaks. We've honed in our craft after years of playing together.

Who are you giving credit to when it comes to how this upcoming music is being made?

For this upcoming single, I'm giving credit to all the musicians that play with me. Each individual brings their own style to my music and sometimes they inspire and push me to make the song better.

Biggest lesson so far this year that you are taking into this summer?!

The biggest lesson I've learned from this year is patience and to follow your gut. One of the worst feelings in the world is to feel lost and alone. Surrounding yourself with positive energy and like minded people is the best way to further yourself and your career.

What is something EPIC you're doing this summer to contribute to your art?

This summer my team and I are premiering our pilot episode of 'Setlist.' A show I directed and co-wrote with my brother Sonny Muscato. The show is about a rock band led by band-mate brothers trying to make it in the industry who have an affiliation with an autistic drummer. We're submitting to SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, TIFF and more film festivals.

You are just EPIC! Give us everything we need to keep up!

You can follow everything I do at:

Spotify: FB: IG: Youtube: Apple Music: Tiktok: @maxmuscatoooo

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