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Producing The Big Picture with Brandon Richie

Stemming from Philadelphia, Brandon Richie’s collective band of players delivers a tight, punchy breed of modern pop punk that feels anything but formulated. The 4 piece are no stranger to the punk scene of the Northeast, having played everything from skate parks to festivals like Camp Punksylvania. Upbeat, high energy rhythms combined with attention capturing vocals make Brandon Richie’s band of musicians a refreshing stage presence. Stemming from the ashes of bands in both Pennsylvania and Florida, the group is seasoned not only in the routine of gigging, but in the art of standing out amongst contemporaries. With genre bending moments spanning from skate punk to hardcore and more, Brandon Richie and his team of players will have your head bobbing whilst reconsidering what you know about modern punk music – and what it is to deliver a high energy barrage of sound.

Hi Brandon! When you look at all the music you have made, what is the big picture for how you want your artistry to be seen?

I want people to take me and my music however they want to. I like to convey my fun loving attitude in my music. I have themes and ideas that are dark but I try to show that in a way that makes people still want to party. If you can forget about all your crap for 45 mins and dance with us, that would make me so happy.

You challenge the status quo, how did you identify your purpose for the music you wanted to put out?

Music has been pissing me off recently. There aren't too many artists that I like. I want to make music that moves me. I make what I want to listen to. Plain and simple.

When you create your body of work, are there boxes you must check or does everything evolve as it should be and you allow for the checklist to not be completely checked?

I would say a mixture of the two. I have a formula that I go through, but I also just let the track find itself. There are so many ways to do it for me.

Could you give us some insight of what your checklist does look like if you have one?

A: Does it bang?

B: Do my homies like it?

Who are you paying homage to for your vision as an artist?

I don't pay homage to anyone. I am my own man. I try to keep it as real as possible. I stand up there and I get dressed up in something that makes me feel sexy and cool. I say the thing I want to say and exude all of my energy. This is all just a big release for me. It's all me, myself, and I

You are a visionary, please keep us in the loop of what your plans are for more music and WHERE you are headed next for your fans to connect with you?

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