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Nomae is non-stop and unstoppable in her musical goals!

How are you living your best life right now?

I am working on new music literally every day, and couldn't love it more! I am enjoying the creative process so much, I can't keep up with releasing it. I am working with several teams, developing catalogs of songs in a couple genres, and I get to sing and produce from my home studio. It's been a dream and I can be barefoot all day! I also have little kids at home, so it's nonstop crazy over here... but I wouldn't change a thing. Soon enough you'll be able to hear all we're working on.

What ways have you changed your life to be able to live your best life?

I finally tried! I had been dreaming of a singing career my entire life, but was too afraid to learn and grow and attempt it at all. I had just decided to not participate in my dreams in case I'd fail. Well then I guess I grew up and got over that, because I've jumped into the music / sync licensing industry and I am so grateful that my life is full time music now. Don't sleep on your dreams, people!!!

What music should new fans be listening to?

I've released a single every month this year, and there are many more to come. I'm constantly revisiting my release strategy since there's no shortage of new songs, and I love each new one too much hahaha.

One amazing team I have the pleasure to work with has become its own entity, JJM Music, making custom music for sync. It's me, Moe Loughran (also in Nashville!) and Jeff Baggett (Nashville native turned GA boy).

Keep up with what I share on any streaming platforms! I'm thankful for everyone engaging in what we're creating.

Performing live?

Not this year. I'm focusing on writing mountains of music and will circle back next year and start performing my favorites!

Any advice you can give to artists out of experience?

Just. keep. going. Don't judge yourself too harshly. Don't obsess over the results. Don't compare yourself to others either... It's dangerous territory! Instead, look at your own growth in your craft and how far you've come. Get into groups or classes with people who are better than you and don't stop learning. Just start somewhere and keep working.

Who are you most inspired by in this industry?

Impossible to answer. I know people who are pouring themselves out, teaching everything they know and encouraging others along the way. Some have used music or film to lift others up for decades. The music industry can be an incredibly kind place if you find the right people!! I'm starting to dream of even bigger things beyond just me and my own career. How can we use our gifts to really impact the lives of others? If I list people, I'll inevitably leave someone out, so... lots. ha!

Upcoming projects you can share with us?

A steady stream of music! Please follow my journey to see what's coming next!

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