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Today we have an exciting interview with Singer/ Songwriter Kendra Chantelle about her hit new album "Carousel", her time on American Idol and why her favorite quote about critique is "if you live off of praise, you'll die from criticism!

Kendra Chantelle! Fanning out right NOW! You are such an amazing singer! I mean you can SING! You probably get this question ALL the time but I just have to know what your life was like when you were on American Idol?!

Oh my goodness, you are too sweet! Thank you so much, so honored to be chatting with you. Life was surreal during my time on American Idol, I can't really compare it to any other experience! You end up living in a little Idol bubble for the months that you're filming and it's weird, but good. I am thankful for that experience. Do you feel challenged, inspired or both when you get any critique on your work? I think critique is just a normal response to creativity and it has to be honored as such. My earlier creative years, critique could just shatter my whole vision but I have learned to take it for what it is- a different perspective. Sometimes, critique can offer the final little push you needed and sometimes it can make you doubt unnecessarily- you have to use your instinct to know the difference and that can take some time! One of my favorite quotes on the matter is "if you live off of praise, you'll die from criticism" meaning- good or bad, don't let the feedback of others determine your creative path. Take it all with a grain of salt and keep on creating. What was a roadblock you had that made you take another path but at the end of the road was a much better reward? Not to be dramatic, but when I try to think of a *single roadblock* in my music career... I can't help but giggle. I am NOT complaining or saying "woe is me" but I think most people in the music business would agree, rarely does any of it go as planned!! I don't really consider it a roadblock, but during a time I was feeling particularly burned out on my solo career, I stepped out of my normal role and accepted a position as a background vocalist for Tom Keifer and have been touring with him ever since (2014!) and taking that unusual role for me opened me up to a world of creativity and work in the music business I hadn't ever considered. Now, singing harmony for others (live and in the studio) is one of my favorite parts of my music career! What is something that has nothing to do with music but gives you so much inspiration for it?

Hmm... I don't really want to say yoga has nothing to do with music, because the two have similarities ( the intention, the breathing, the rhythm, etc) but I find that when I can really get into my yoga headspace, it inspires deep and creative thought and also allows me to visualize songs from a different perspective. I have been known to leave a yoga practice with half a new song in my head! Your album "Carousel" is absolutely AMAZING! EVERYONE needs to be listening to it RIGHT NOW! What was the best part of releasing this project? And where can our audience go to listen to it and follow YOU!!

Thank you so much for listening to "Carousel"! I am so proud of it. I think the best part of releasing it was the sense of completion I received, creatively. I am so glad it exists outside of my mind and I can share it with people! You can listen anywhere you can buy or stream music and please follow me on instagram @kendrachantelle here's a link to my spotify, apple music, merch, website and more:

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