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Owls & Lions Music Video for “Take the High Road” Provides Listeners with an Inspiring Lesson

By: Colin Naughton

Indie folk rock band Owls & Lions released their debut EP in 2019. “Take the High Road” was featured on that EP and was the hit single. This trio is made up of Jay Della Valle on vocals and guitar, Nicole DiLoi on violin and vocals and Kevin Walters on drums.

“Take the High Road” is a very touching track with a wonderful overarching theme and lesson. The song tells listeners that things don’t always go the way you thought they would but it is important to have patience, everything will work itself out. It is so easy to get frustrated when something doesn’t go our way, we oftentimes can lose our character and lash out. “Take the High Road” teaches us to rise above and keep moving on. It’s a really inspiring and motivating song.

The music video for “Take the High Road” is an incredible animated video that does a great job in capturing the theme and emotions of the track. I really like this song, the lyrics are beautiful, the vocals are truly wonderful with amazing harmonies between Jay and Nicole. The drumming is fantastic, it has a great rhythm that guides the energy of the song perfectly, it isn’t too powerful but al;so isn’t too soft, Walters has great timing and feeling. The guitar playing is emotional and does a good job in creating the emotional, romanticized tone for the song. Overall “Take the High Road” is a wonderful track and the music video matches perfectly.

You can stream “Take the High Road” on your preferred streaming service and you can watch the music video on YouTube. You can also follow Owls & Lions on Instagram.

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