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Today Tia Penny is talking with Your Best Life Nashville about how she is living her best life, the most important part of her music career and how she is connecting with her fans through her family.

Hi Tia! Happy New Year! How are you living your best life in 2022?

TP: Hi!! I didn’t exactly have any resolutions this year but I set some goals for myself. I wanted to keep my grades up and write more music! So far I think it's going well.

How do you make sure you are only creating good habits when it comes to your career?

TP: The most important part of my music career is the stability in knowing that I am enjoying it, every step of the way. In order to achieve this, I give myself less structure and let myself choose when I want to practice or write a song. This way, I have control over my music and I never feel too overwhelmed. At the same time, I practice and write songs when I feel inspiration, not because I have to.

Who has been your go to when you want to share all your successes with?

TP: My parents are the most important people to me, especially when it comes to my music career. I actually call them my “momager” as she handles the managing of everything and my “securidad” as he is my roadie. It is a running joke in my family but it really does show how much they mean to me.

Talk to us about new music! How has that been going?

TP: Recently I have been combining my classical guitar skills from school with my electric and guitar skills outside of school. Using music theory from school, I can combine those sounds to create my own.

What is your favorite part of this new music?

TP: My favorite part of new music is that it can be whatever I want it to be. I had two Melodies in my head the other day and I decided they fit well together. I combined them in a song I wrote and now it is one of my favorites.

What has been a challenge but have been able to overcome?

TP: Minutes before an event I slammed my finger in a car door. I was mostly in shock so I left it there for a few seconds, which didn’t help. I was in extreme pain but my mom ran to get ice for me. After this I played an hour set outdoors, pushing through the pain with commitment, and got through my set. My finger had bruises for weeks but I am sure I wouldn’t have done anything differently if it were to happen again.

What is advice you'd give to artists that want to make music their career?

TP: If I were to give any advice, it would be my favorite quote. “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” I don’t exactly know where this quote came from but it stuck with me as soon as I heard it. As for short term advice, all I can say is just start writing. Sign yourself up to sing. Learn some songs. There is no perfect time to start but the safest bet is always now.

How do you disconnect from social media and live your best life?

TP: Since I am younger than a lot of musicians, I have my mom run my social media. She keeps me updated and I approve all the posts but I’m removed from most of it.

When you want to connect back to society, where does your audience find all your music?

TP: I am currently on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube but I am looking forward to recording my music this year and putting it on Spotify.

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