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Rae Radick often describes herself as, “The Love Child of Shania Twain + Miranda Lambert + a dash of New York City.” She recently opened for Miranda Lambert and Brett Young at Citadel Country Spirit Music Festival in 2021, and Broadway's Palladium Theater in Times Square. She's a prime example of the new wave of feminism: fierce yet vulnerable, classy yet authentic, free thinking, and finding your path in a technology based world.

Rae Radick has been a singer/songwriter since she was sixteen. Hailing from Bucks County, Pennsylvania she’s lived in New York City for the past eight years and tours internationally. She's been featured on Front Range Radio, Q-Star Radio, and numerous blog articles as “Artist of the Week.” She’s performed at the Hilton Hotel in Atlantic City, Fox and Friends, Shea Stadium, Intrepid Museum, Queen Mary in San Diego, Brooklyn Bowl, The Bitter End, Rockwood Music Hall, Red Lion, and Pete's Candy store to name a few. She also creates original music for feature films. Mixing her Pennsylvania roots with New York City’s spirit, her sound is a supreme balance of pop and country.

Her influences of artists such as Shania Twain, Maren Morris, and Fleetwood Mac are transcendent in her sound. Struggles of relationships, growth, nostalgia, and freedom are continuous themes that appear in her writing.

Congratulations on your latest music! What is the biggest tip you followed when creating the sound?

Thank you! I really wanted to stay true to my sound which is influenced by 70’s classic artists such as Fleetwood Mac and Rolling Stones, but bring a pop-country flair to it. This song was inspired by a 70’s playlist I was listening to one day while making breakfast, and I started singing this original tune. Naturally, I had to record it and bring it to my producers to see if it was good enough to be my next single.

How did the sound evolve from the start to the finish?

The chorus came to me first. I couldn’t stop snapping my fingers and humming it. Then I wrote the verses after the chorus was finished. I really wanted to bring an intimate, cozy feel with this song. After we first recorded it, it came off a bit too forceful and 90’s pop, so we had to go back to the drawing board a few times to hone in on the sound. We finally got it after a few re-recordings!

Any tricks up your sleeve when making the music?

It all comes down to the chorus. If you have a good chorus and feel, the rest of the song will reveal itself to you.

Was there a collection of ideas that you had or did you have a really specific idea on the music?

This song was very specific. When I wrote it I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it and where it was coming from. I wanted to capture a love story in the purest way that everyone can relate to. The way I described it to the band before we recorded it was, “You come home from a long, hard day at work and you want nothing more than to order dinner and cuddle with your partner on the couch with a beer.” And we took it from there.

How much time do you demand of yourself to focus on music?

As much as I can. Sometimes it’s hard because I’ll be touring and traveling, so I don’t have as much time to write new music– but I try to do at least one musical thing each day. Sometimes it’s writing, sometimes it’s practicing my guitar, sometimes it’s listening to new artists or studying old songs I like.

Do you have any tips or tricks for our audience on how to manage your time when it comes to making sure your music is on track for release?

This particular song took much longer than I expected. Its original release date was September 2022, and it’s now going to be released in January 2023. I had to be patient with myself and the team because we had to revise it a few times until we got it right. I’m very particular with my music so I’d rather take longer with a product that I’ll be proud of, than release music frequently but a rushed process.

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