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Producing The Big Picture with Rising Elijah

Rising Elijah is a high energy Modern Hard Rock band from Los Angeles, CA. They're riffy, fun, heavy and have a vintage attack with a contemporary feel. While their stage line up has ebbed and flowed, the core; Pete "Raz" Razo, Chris Blackavar & Chase Enriquez formed in 2019. Tony Guzman currently rounds out the line up. Shortly after they released their first couple singles, they were featured on Heidi and Franks morning show on KLOS, Stay or Go, and won. Their Self Titled album was released on Rock Solid Talent Entertainment on 8/26/22.

Hi! When you look at all the music you have made, what is the big picture for how you want your artistry to be seen?

That's kinda tough. The goal is really to make good records that hold up regardless of cultural trends. A lot of times we talk about the idea of songs or albums that live forever - and I don't mean just hits.

You challenge the status quo, how did you identify your purpose for the music you wanted to put out?

So being that we're a high- energy hard-rock band the main aim is really to let it rip. When you see us on stage or a record comes on it makes you wanna jump up and take a shot and let loose. That's kinda the jumping off point I suppose.

When you create your body of work, are there boxes you must check or does everything evolve as it should be and you allow for the checklist to not be completely checked?

We don't check boxes so much like creativity - it's not like, oh we haven't written a slow song, so we need to do that; or, we need to incorporate this cuz we haven't yet.

We do however use checklists on the regular for tasks and business stuff. Checklists are super clutch in daily or weekly business.

Could you give us some insight of what your checklist does look like if you have one?

It's nothing super insightful; typically just to do lists. Follow up w/this person, get this flyer done, order this. Yada yada. Haha.

Who are you paying homage to for your vision as an artist?

Being that we're an LA band - we love dirty, riffy, sunset-strip rock n roll. So we're aiming to carry that torch proudly. We've been hearing rock is dead for a couple decades now - coulda fooled us. Haha.

You are a visionary, please keep us in the loop of what your plans are for more music and WHERE you are headed next for your fans to connect with you?

So we have a few gigs coming up, for our LA folks, our last gig of the year is at the Viper Room 12/17 and 1/15 we're making our Las Vegas debut at the Silver Dollar Lounge so we're really hyped for that!


@risingelijahofficial - IG/YouTube

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