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Jennifer Alvarado is a singer/songwriter from Vale, North Carolina. Her first EP project titled ''Playing with Fire'' was released in April 2021. She is currently working on a country pop album titled “Songbird” that will be released in Summer 2022. “Songbird” is a two part collection of songs that shows Jennifer’s growth as a writer and is sonically much different than her earlier projects. Her second single from the “Songbird” project, titled ‘’Rock This Way," will be released in June 2022. Her music has a country sensibility with a pop current running through it. Her voice is smooth and passionate with a sweetness and power that merge seamlessly into satisfaction for the listener. Her sound is a mixture of country, pop and blues that reflect an eclectic blend of influences.

She has been recognized locally for her songwriting and was named ''One to Watch'' by Nashville Songwriters Association in Spring 2021. Her songs “IDWYB” and “Filthy Water” were Top 10 Finalists for “Best Pop Song” and “Best Modern Country Song” for the Spring and Summer 2021 World Songwriting Awards. She was just recently named the “2021 Country Artist of the Year” by Indie Star Radio. Her song “Curious” was a Finalist for "Best Pop Song" for the Winter 2022 World Songwriting Awards and won "Best Pop Song" for the Indie Songwriting Awards in Winter 2022. She is currently nominated for five International Singer Songwriter Association Awards, including “Female Vocalist of the Year”, a Josie Award for Female Music Video of the Year for “Filthy Water”, and a Carolina Music Award for Country Female Vocalist of the Year.

Summer is here and we can't wait for all the LIVE music! Are you planning performing out LIVE anytime soon? JM: Yes. I am actually playing this coming Saturday. I am looking forward to playing some new venues this summer as well as a more expanded area.

Give us the most EPIC performance story you got!

JM: The most epic…a few years ago, I was planning when the power went out. Growing up, my favorite cartoon was “JEM and the Holograms” because my initials are actually “JEM.” There is a scene in the movie version of “JEM” where the power goes out and the audience uses cell phones to light the stage and keep going. The same thing happened that day. We used cell phone flashlights for lights and even found a box for the drummer to play because he had electronic drums. Your music is a VIBE! And we can't wait for MORE! Tell us about your latest release because we can't get ENOUGH!!

JM: Thank you so much! I am getting ready to release a new single called “Rock This Way” on June 17th. Followed by Part One of my album “Songbird” in July. I decided to divide the project into two parts because it really is a “questions and answers” type project. It outlines a very confusing and dark period of my life and I did a lot of healing while writing this album.

Why did you feel like now was the time to release new music?

JM: For “Rock This Way,” since the very beginning it has felt like a Summer anthem type song, so I cannot think of a better time to release it. Summer is supposed to be fun and playful…and that’s what this song represents to me.

How has the release been for you?

JM: I think with every release you learn lessons. I’ve given myself very short timelines in the past and have always felt like I missed the excitement of the release. I was so worried about getting things done that it sucked all the joy out of the moment. This time I wanted to have plenty of time to experience each milestone because you can better able assess what actually works and what needs to be improved.

What is the most sentimental response you have gotten from the music?

JM: I want to be a voice for someone that feels misunderstood and alone. So for me when someone comes up and says, “hey that line really spork to me”….that’s everything. We aren’t meant to do life by ourselves, so to help even one person feel like someone “gets it”…that’s worth every disappointment and tear for me.

Are you going to be able to recharge at all this summer or is it just GO TIME!!

JM: For me it’s “GO TIME!” I am a very driven person. For so long I let me own fears and insecurities keep me from fully pursuing my music. If you look hard enough, you will always find an excuse to not do something. I made a commitment to myself when I left my full-time job to not look back and give my whole heart to this.

Touring vs. Studio time!? Where is where you feel most at HOME?

JM: The studio is my happy place. I feel like nothing is off limits in the studio. You can go in and try the strangest of ideas and it’s okay. I love working with my producer Ricky because he gets my vision. With that said, there is something about being in a new place and meeting new people or seeing someone’s first impression of a song, that gives you a natural high. If forced to choose, I am a songwriter at heart, so the creative process of the studio is what I most look forward to.

Give us the most rad line from your latest music to explain the piece of work or YOU! JM: There is a line on the title track of “Songbird” that says, “They ask what’s wrong with me 'cause your songbird doesn’t sing.” I came out of a narcissistically abusive situation a while back that left me wondering who I was. I even contemplated whether or not to keep doing music. My thought process had become, “if I am not good enough for x…then how can I possibly ever succeed at y?” I had to find myself and my joy for music again. This album is that journey. It’s the beginning highs, the tearfully exhausting lows, and the lessons gleaned from learning to truly love myself and trust in who my Creator created me to be.

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