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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

We had the pleasure to talk to the incredibly talented Singer/Songwriter Sarah Harralson on ALL thing's "Frosty", goals for 2021 and how the themes of her life translate to her music!

Hi Sarah! We are SO SO SO excited about your upcoming single "Frosty"! Can you give us any inside scoop on the song and when it drops!?

I'm SO excited too! It drops Friday, November 27th, and it's not your typical holiday song. But nothing is typical about this year! "Frosty" is an original song I wrote about a cold-hearted woman. We all know someone who is a little bit "Frosty", so I hope that this song will make people laugh and dance at the same time.

How long has this new single been in the works for you?

I actually wrote "Frosty" this spring with my co-writer, Christine Bauer, but I've had the title as an idea for awhile. I knew I wanted it to be my holiday single for this year, and I began recording it in the summer!

What’s the theme in your life that spills over into your music?

I've always considered myself to have an old soul and be very independent. Those themes definitely spill over into my music. For example, my single, "Put a Rock on This Rolling Stone" is about someone who is a free spirit and lives very much on their own terms, but they are willing to settle down at some point if they meet the right person.

What's a goal you’ve set for your music for 2021?

Definitely to play more live shows with hope that live music resumes again! But also to just keep writing more songs and release more music.

We can't wait for you to share "Frosty" with everyone! Please tell us where we can listen and keep connected with you for any upcoming projects! We LOVE your vibe Sarah and I know our readers will too!!

Thank you so much! You can listen to my music on all streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, etc.) and follow me on social media under @sarahharralson! Listeners can also stay connected through my website,

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