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In just 6 months, Shanghai Metro Temple went from a pandemic idea to a sensational band of musicians headlining in Denver, Colorado. Making headway in this industry with a new blend of rock music while creating exceptional experiences for fans both live and online. Join Shanghai Metro Temple on a journey through driving choruses, poetic lyrics, and a diverse range of musical backgrounds that many have already come to enjoy. From gliding down snowy slopes to clipping an anchor above a rocky canyon, this band is constantly fueled and inspired by the beauty and adventure of their home state. Under dark twinkling skies and peaceful mountain evenings, inspiration runs freely through this group of best friends intent on sharing with the world their experiences and challenges through their music. With their most recent release and enthusiastic online support, Shanghai Metro temple has become one of the best up-and-coming rock bands that Colorado has seen in this decade. Becoming a fan favorite immediately Take a Chance has seen explosive engagement alongside their newest release In The Dark ready and enjoy a ride of a lifetime through experiences written in song and performed with energy and emotion.

What stands out to you as being the piece of music that has changed the game for the industry? As a band we have a wide variety of influences that inspire us. In the last 5 years, we can all agree on Greta Van Fleet’s Safari Song as one of the most influential pieces of rock music on the genre as a whole. You are a game changer yourself... how do you want to change the game with YOUR music? We want to change the industry by taking a unique modern twist on classic rock music. Our sound and music pays homage to the Arena Rock of the 70s and 80s while incorporating modern pop rock and Alternative rock elements. We want to leave listeners jamming and full of emotion. How are you putting together your next project? After the release of our first album, we have taken an opportunity to step back and really get creative with our next songs. We are digging deep and exploring new harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic elements that will really wow our listeners. Who are you collaborating with? Shred Picks has sponsored custom designed Shanghai Metro Temple guitar picks! Along with our merchandise, we regularly collaborate with Taylor Hahn of Hahn Audio who offers musical suggestions and recording techniques that help our music to stand above. Who are you giving credit to when it comes to how this upcoming music is being made? We have to give credit to our amazing band parents Debbie and Joey Stasio. They have provided us with a regular space to hone our craft and stage show. On a creative level, our audio engineer Taylor Hahn has been instrumental in the process of finding our sound and fine tuning our creative process. Biggest lesson so far this year that you are taking into this summer There’s really something to be said for leaning into new opportunities as much as possible. Whereas last year we were playing venues in Denver once a month, now we are averaging at least two if not three events on a monthly basis. It may be more work, but it’s really helping us feel more connected to the music scene than ever before. What is something EPIC you're doing this summer to contribute to your art? We’re taking a trip up to Telluride, CO mid September. If going on an awesome road trip to one of the most beautiful places in Colorado isn’t enough, we are playing at the historic Sheridan Opera House 2 nights in a row. We’re absolutely stoked to go on this inspirational trip as a band and will likely have a new song or two under our belt by the time we get back to Denver. You are just EPIC! Give us everything we need to keep up!

We always have something up our sleeve at SMT. On top of playing new shows every month, we’re working on some new singles that will rock our listeners to the bone. As far as merchandise goes, Shred Picks will have our custom guitar picks ready to roll in the coming weeks! Stay posted on our social media accounts for almost daily content of individual SMT members showing off their skills or us being silly together as a band. Leave our audience a word or phrase on how they could live their best lives too! “Every day’s a new day Every way’s a new way” - Edge of Darkness - Greta Van Fleet

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