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Single Review: Kendra & the Bunnies Releases New Single “Self Love Proclamation”

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

By: Colin Naughton

On February 12th, 2021 Kendra & the Bunnies released her new single “Self Love Proclamation.” This is the second release of 2021 by folk-rock singer/songwriter, Kendra Muecke from Houston, TX.

“Self Love Proclamation” was produced by powerhouse producer, Justine Blazer and features Kendra Muecke on lead vocals, Justine Blazer on background vocals, Evan Hutchings on drums (Keith Urban), Brian Allen on bass (Dave Cobb), Tim Galloway on acoustic (Chris Janson), Justin Ostrander on electric (Sam Hunt), Billy Justineau on keys (Eric Church) and Smith Curry on pedal steel (Taylor Swift). The music for this track is fantastic, which with so many talented artists being involved is to be expected. Muecke’s voice is beautiful, smooth, and soulful. She tells a story using music, a story of self-love and treating one’s self with love and appreciation. This track can be relatable for those listeners out there having a hard time finding the beauty within themselves inside and out. We as humans can be too hard on ourselves often; this song is a reminder to love yourself and others just the way you are. It’s a beautiful message and one that should be taken to heart. I really enjoy “Self Love Proclamation,” it’s cheerful, upbeat, catchy, and an overall wonderful piece of music with many instrumental elements that add musical depth to the track in the best possible way.

You can stream “Self Love Proclamation” now and follow Kendra & the Bunnies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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