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Single Review: Logan Skinner Makes You 'Better' with His Music

Logan Skinner is bringing the harmony and heat with his latest single ‘Better’ that was released in 2020 and is still making noise through the New Year. It’s no wonder he’s been nominated ‘Song of the Year’ at the Gold Coast Music Awards with another single of his called ‘Trapped’.

This Australian native based in Brisbane, Queensland is bringing his Indie-Pop sound into new territory with not only his vocals but his powerful messaging in his songwriting. And ‘Better’ is a deep reflection of that.

As you listen to the track it tunnels you through the emotional turmoil that one who is struggling goes through as the line repeats “Why me, why me”? But there’s a light at the end of that tunnel and Skinner reminds his listener of that with another line “Trust yourself, it gets better”. It’s such a simple verse but holds the weight of the world for one that needs to hear it. To tell someone to trust themselves because it gets better gives the confirmation that I’ve been there, I see you, now let this help heal you.

So not only does the instrument of his vocals lend a comforting listen but so do the instrumentals of the music that weave so effortlessly together. And LoganSkinner with all of his soul gives us the sense that he wants to share his music with the intention of making sure his fans old and new can feel that they’re in this together too.

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