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Single Review: Not Leaving Sober Releases “Chasin’ Tequila”

By: Colin Naughton

Country rock band Not Leaving Sober is set to release their new single “Chasin’ Tequila” on January 15th, 2021. A regular dive bar performing band, Not Leaving Sober is starting to leave their mark on the country-rock scene with this new song.

“Chasin’ Tequila” starts out with a basic chord progression on the acoustic guitar then incorporates a blues-rock electric guitar riff that fits perfectly. Right off the bat, I can tell this song is going to rock! I’m actually in love with the guitar work on this track, it has excellent execution with a very pleasant rhythm and well-placed rock riffs all throughout. As far as the lyrics and singing goes, Not Leaving Sober embodies the country-rock genre so well! It’s a slower-paced song with energy. The chorus is catchy and the vocals are wonderful, it really is the perfect song to play at a party or bar while you’re drinking with your friends. The lyrics are emotional, powerful and so catchy. “Chasin’ Tequila” describes a love story that has sadly ended. The lead singer describes the pain that he feels now that the girl that he loves has left, and he is curing his ailment as most people would, with tequila. It’s a very popular theme in country music but one that can never be overplayed, love is such a powerful thing and when it’s gone it can be very difficult to recover. By listening to “Chasin’ Tequila” I think that anyone going through a similar situation can find some comfort and know they aren’t alone in their sorrow.

I really do love this song and would highly recommend anyone and everyone to listen to Not Leaving Sober’s new single “Chasin’ Tequila.” This song will be available on all streaming services and you can follow the band’s career on Instagram and Facebook.

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