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Single Review: Run the Fire Releases New Single “Lay Low”

Review by: Colin Naughton

The trip-hop/electronica group, Run the Fire, is set to release new single “Lay Low” on January 14th, 2021. This will be the groups debut single to pave the way for a promising musical career. “Lay Low” takes influence from many different genres and combines them into one musical masterpiece.

The song starts out with an energetic beat that carries through the length of the track paired with wonderful vocals. I really enjoy the singing by Alexandrina Vasilkevich, she has such an amazing voice that works so perfectly with the music. The lyrics are simple yet catchy, immediately drawing the listener in and making them want to sing along with the chorus. I really like the background operatic type singing, it pulls the song together and adds a deeper layer to the track. As the song goes on the energy keeps building and building, Kyle D McMahon does a fantastic job in ending the song making the listener want more. I can already tell that “Lay Low” is going to be a popular party/club song for when things open up again. The track has everything you want in an electronica song, catchy lyrics, beautiful vocals, upbeat music that constantly builds energy throughout and then finishes with a pleasant transition into calmness.

“Lay Low” is about someone who is finding themselves and who they are in this great big world we live in. The pandemic has caused a lot of people to lose track of their goals, ambitions and overall self. This song brings hope to those people, helping them release those emotions of emptiness, fear and doubt that is held within them. “Lay Low” can serve as an outlet for everyone to feel free and let their worries drift away with the music.

You can follow Run the Fire’s career on Instagram and Facebook, listen to “Lay Low” today and watch the official music video which premieres January 15th, 2021!

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