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We had the honor to get to interview the remarkably talented Los Angeles based band, Water Tower! This rad group talks the origins of Water Tower, positive trends they want to make in music and they even drop an EXCLUSIVE on us about a future concept album that will no doubt make noise in music!

Hi Water Tower!! What a name for a band! WE LOVE IT! Where does it stem from!?

HI! Thank you for saying so : ) The name started out in 2005 as The Water Tower Bucket Boys (We have since kicked the bucket). The reason for the Water Tower in our original name was that we lived next door to a huge water tower in the woods up in Oregon, and people from miles around would come to the tower to have a private place to relax. Sometimes after school let out, you could see a circle of 15 kids all hanging out. Since we lived nearby, we were always hanging at the tower with our instruments. We ended up playing a lot of music up there just because it was a beautiful setting, and it was fun. Eventually the police put up surveillance cameras. Once the cameras came up, people stopped showing up as much. We still walked the dog up there and played tunes there from time to time, but it was never the same as before the cameras arrived. The bucket boys part of the OLD name was due to our first bass player playing an upside wash tub attached to a piece of rope with a broom handle: a gut-bucket bass or a wash-tub bass. Pretty soon our bass player purchased a real stand-up bass though because the bucket was fun, but it lacked a certain tonal veracity.

Tell us what's in the works musically for you because we want to hear MORE!!

Aww you are sweet! We have SO much in the works right now. We try to release a new piece of content to our fans everyday. One of the biggest projects I see for the five year plan is going to be helping to accuse Jack The Ripper. He was never caught in his lifetime (his reign of terror started in 1888) and modern day forensic techniques point to a famous artist named Walter Sickert who died in 1942. So I have an idea for a concept album that highlights the women who lost their lives, while simultaneously pointing clues to the killer. I have not told anyone about this project yet, so y'all are the FIRST to have the information publicly : )

What trend in music do you want to follow? What trend do you want to avoid?

I honestly do not know much about the trends, all i know is that I enjoy the music that feels good to me, and depending on what time of day it is, I might enjoy ALL types of music. Although I will say I am in love with Lil Peep and I think that his demise can be the seed for a positive change around drug-influenced music. I want to create music that is influenced by the idea of getting OFF of drugs, not being on them (while appealing to the crowd of people who still think drug abuse is neat).

What changes have you had to make in 2020 as artists that you want to keep going forward into 2021?

This year we have completely changed the way that we look at the industry. I was just waiting for social media to die all these years, thinking this whole internet thing was a "fad". But this year, right before the rona hit, I made a conscious decision to TRY my hand at the internet. Suffice to say that within ten months of taking the power of social media more seriously, our lives as artists have made a 180 degree turn.

We LOVE your vibe Water Tower!! Where can our readers say hi and support ALL your projects because we just LOVE what you're all about!!

And we love YOUR vibe : ) Thank you for connecting with us. We are always so grateful to meet anyone that is associated with Bsquared Management. They are an amazing crew!

The best way to connect with us FB, TikTok, IG, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch. Oh yea, our website is slightly chill too.






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