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MJ's music is always consistent!

How are you living your best life right now MJ?

Right now I am living my best life by prioritizing my creativity and my passion. I am working on not being so hard on myself and just allowing for life to flow as it pleases. I am living my best life by just taking a long deep breath and reassuring myself that everything will pay off in the end. I'm living my best life by figuring out new ways to expand my artistry and take my music to the next level. I'm living my best life by problem solving and I'll be getting better each day. I'm living my best life just by learning how to have fun with my music. What ways have you changed your life to be able to live your best life? The biggest way that I have changed is by tapping into my spirituality and expanding on that more in my life. I am still learning how to become more fervent and pray. I am also learning how to rest and rejuvenate when needed. I have changed by making peace with certain things in my past and not allowing myself to dictate my present or my future so much . 'NOT GIRL SUMMER' is an anthem!! How do you choose what you release next? I choose what I release next by the vibe that I feel I need to put out into the world. After a heavy song like "NOT GIRL SUMMER" with the next single I want to be more easy going with more easy but still deep ass lyrics. I also want to release music that I can conceptualize and visualize better within a music video because my goal is to create more visuals for my work . How did you come up with your latest tracks title? It was basically a play on hot girl summer. Since it's the summer time but to be honest for a lot of people summer isn't what we thought it would be despite the world opening back up. Plus it was a way for me to play on the fact that I am not your typical female rapper. I am not someone who always brags about bad bitch so to speak even though my rapping is awesome enough that I can definitely still be considered a bad bitch. Any advice you can give to artists out of experience when it comes to putting out music? Be consistent and stay steady in your course. Also know what you are willing to compromise on and what you're not willing to compromise on and stick to that. Upcoming projects you can share with us? My next song will be titled "DREAMS" and the official release date is October the 30th period. It will be available on all streaming platforms and there will be a music video to that song as well. It will include a feature with singer Breana Marin. You guys are gonna love it! Socials please!

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