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Under the moniker Sugar Nap, Caleb Kallander writes, engineers, and produces indie rock and folktronica out of his home studio in Des Moines, Washington with his most recent EP drop being his most successful body of work YET.

How are you living your best life right now?

Well right now I think I’m living my best life by working hard seasonally and giving myself the financial freedom to pursue what I love the most; music. I’m also loving a bunch of the new music gear I’ve been playing with, and looking forward to some great trips in the new year.

Talk to us about your new music!

The latest music I’ve released has been my EP, released early October [2021]. It’s my first collection of songs released as Sugar Nap containing three previously released singles and four new songs, two of which were collaborations with other local artists. It’s charted as a top add on 5 college radio stations across the country, so that’s really exciting for me! It’s been getting some good love, and I really appreciate that. I also performed and recorded a live show that’s on YouTube. Some songs from the EP are up, so that’s another part of the EP to enjoy.

When do you know when a song is done, DONE?

This is the hardest thing for me. Sometimes I just get this feeling. Or sometimes I keep trying to come back trying to add more and I just can’t. That’s when I know. But it’s so hard for me not to endlessly tweak to try to make things better. Eventually I just end up running in circles.

Where do new fans go to follow you?

I’ve set up a LinkTree to make it easy to find all the links to follow me. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…

Where can fans stream and support you?

Supporters and fans can stream on all major platforms, as well as from my website directly. I highly encourage listeners to check out Tidal’s streaming service. The payout to artists is significantly more substantial than other streaming services and they also offer some of the highest fidelity streaming available.

Can you leave us with some inspiration for our audience and how they can live their best lives?!

I think that, essentially, my song Going Nowhere is about exactly that.

“Take your time, but don’t let it pass”.

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