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Kim Cameron is already topping charts this summer with her latest single!

What's your next move for this summer?

So happy you asked! On June 17th in the heart of Miami Beach, I have another music video premiere! It’s for my newest single ‘Don’t Give Me No’ that releases at the end of June. It has already appeared on the DJ Times Charts, so I am super excited!

Playing anywhere LIVE?

Hopefully I am able to confirm some new dates shortly. (One might even be in Spain!). Stay tuned! What big lesson have you learned in regards to your career this year?

It really tested a lot of working relationships I had. Unfortunately, it hurt some while it also brought out some great new ones. COVID and lockdowns really impacted people in such a bad way. You saw the very best and the very worst. But I like to think, when times get hard, you can see the true colors of a person’s soul. I am in a really positive place with the relationships I have in both my industry and my surrounding support group. I only see light going forward. How excited are you for your upcoming music?

I am always excited! I am actually working, as we speak, on a rap song! Now, I am a terrible rapper, so I am going to work with a REAL rapper, but I am thinking of sliding the new song into my new Movie Seaper Powers before it officially releases on the networks. When is it dropping?

June 26th is the magic day for the store release, but people can get it on Beatport starting June 16th, and the music video can be seen starting June 17th! It will include both the original and two remixes by Bimbo Jones Duo that just rock you! I love those guys. How do we listen to it?

I have been sharing a few clips here and there to get people excited. I would say…follow my to get some sneak listens! (here’s one for your readers: How do we support you?

Well, I would love to have you join my Instagram feed! And, I always feel supported. You all do an amazing job at making me feel like I am doing my job…writing songs!

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