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Can we come with you on your next road trip, LAKLAN??

Hi LAKLAN! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us!

Tell us about your latest release!

What was the creative process behind your single, “For A Night”?

This song was originally inspired by Rihanna’s interlude track “Goodnight Gotham’ from her album, Anti. In that song, it samples Florence and the Machine’s song “Only If For a Night”, and I became obsessed with it and wanted a song called “For a Night.” I created two versions of the song and chose this version because I felt that it had more potential and others could resonate with it better. I shared the melody idea I had with the singer on the track, m.e.g, and she took it to a whole other level. The recording process was very free and healing.

You have an EP set to debut this Spring. What can we expect from that?

I am very proud of the songs on this EP. They’re a mixture of dark, Euro club aesthetics with a liberating message attached to each one. Whether that’s finding your own way, leaving what’s bad for you, or going after what is good for you, you can expect to dance and vibe to these songs when you’re home alone or going out with your friends.

Is there an overall theme that you are trying to capture when creating new music?

I usually think, “How am I going to take a situation that everyone has been in or seen on TV already and make it original?” Every theme or song that I write, somebody else has most likely written about it already. So how can I make that my own? A good majority of my songs are about love, losing love, or wishing to be something/ someone that I’m not. My intent with the way I tell it is that I hope it can make whoever is listening feel more lighter and confident within themselves.

What is the best piece of advice another musician ever gave you?

There will always be somebody more talented or better than you. You just have to find what is special about you and go for it, because they don’t have that. Drive and work ethic beats talent any day.

If you could open a show, for anyone, living or not, who would it be and why?

I would LOOOVE to open up a show for Lady Gaga. She has really inspired me my whole life. She is a big influence on my music and her fans are the type of audience I want to attract. They (we) are the type of people who love pop music combined with the message of freedom and equality.

What songs are heavily played on your music playlists right now?

Right now, I am obsessing over “Icy” by Kim Petras. I also have “Escape from L.A” by The Weeknd on a constant loop. And of course, a Laklan playlist wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t have my Gaga thrown in there (insert cry face emoji). Right now I’m really into “G.U.Y” and “Heavy Metal Lover” by her. A lot of pop and rap music. When I’m cooking at home, I always love to play this Chillout playlist on Spotify. It’s so chill and moody. The perfect way to wind down from the day.

What song has to be on your road trip playlist?

“Nobody’s Perfect” by Hannah Montana! Don’t threaten me with a good throwback LOL.

Please tell our readers how they can stay up to date with you and your latest releases!

I share everything through my Instagram @songsbylaklan. I love getting to share what I’ve been working on and receiving messages from people who have heard my songs. I always love connecting with new people and talking about our shared interests. I’m also on Facebook, TikTok, and have a website coming soon. Come say hi!

Thank you for your time!

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