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Tamara L. Wilson is an inspired Singer/ Songwriter who tells us what inspires her!

What is inspiring your music right now? My music often just spontaneously happens. It might be something on my mind that I've seen in the news or something on my heart I just want to express or share. And then again, it can come completely out of the blue, kinda like being downloaded! I remember one such occasion when after I was done writing down the lyrics and finding the chords I said, 'That's lovely! Now who is going to pay for it?' LOL Many times I have felt complete, like I have written enough songs...and here comes another one!

What kind of music project are you working on currently? current music project is 'Let It Go' due out in June. It will have 5 new tracks and 3 previously released bonus tracks. Some of the songs are turning out so well, they may be released first instead of the title track! I am blessed to be working with very talented people. This EP is getting ready to shine!

How do you make sure your music is staying true to yourself?

Naturally, I am a very authentic, genuine, 'shoot from the hip' kind of person. So, in my writing I stay true to myself by coming from the heart, and being real. If I ever wonder if this should be said or how best to say it, I get quiet and just ask for inspiration. It's usually right there...

Tell us a cause that is close to your heart?

Hmmm! A cause close to my heart? Well, I have two is the mess our young people have inherited, that is why I write about inspirational messages, for them. I sure hope it will help inspire them, and give them a little more strength, faith, and hope.

The other cause is racial equality. You see, I grew up in the south witnessing what I feel to be archaic attitudes and harsh judgements. There's no room for prejudice in my life, and thank goodness that is how my Mama raised me. Actually, I myself was threatened by a KKK member for befriending a young woman who happened to like a young man of color. It's surprising that we still seem to be stuck on this, like some needle in a scratch on a record. So, my thought is this...The Divine made the black people, the white people, the red, yellow, and brown people. Do you really think the Divine made a mistake?

What are you looking forward to personally this year?

I am so looking forward to completing this current project called 'Let It Go' and finding out what promoting my music will bring. It's going to be a fun experiment to see what happens when my music 'gets out there'. You see, I have actually done very, very little promotion for my music, ever. In the past it took all my money to just get the music done! There's also my next project! Yeah! She is going to be an EP with just fun, sexy songs 'All About Love'! She is probably going to be called 'You and Me'. I am already working on it, even as 'Let It Go' is being finished up. Now 'You and Me' is going to be just for fun!

Give our readers a way to connect to your music life!

Your listeners can find my music on my website: You can become a fan on Jango, And please subscribe to my YouTube channel where you can find my music videos!

I hope you enjoy my music and thank you for listening! Peace!

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