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Music is everything to me. I love writing and recording. It’s difficult sometimes. Mid-conversation I’ll zone out and hear songs in my head. I come back to reality when the person I’m conversing with says “what are you thinking about” or “why are you staring at me?” I’m always too embarrassed to say “I was singing a song in my head.” Give YBLN some insight of yourself outside of music... If I’m not working on music it’s because I’m shooting something film or television related. I love keeping busy between music and acting, but sometimes I have days when my schedule is completely clear. On those days, I enjoy binge watching tv shows and trying new restaurants. How do they blend on a day to day basis? I’m grateful that I’ve never had any scheduling conflicts between the two. It’s even easier to maneuver now that I’ve taken the reins on my music career. No more middleman, it’s just me releasing music these days. No production company, no label involved. What changes are happening in your life these days when it comes to your career? Everything has changed. The way I write, the way I record, the way I run my business affairs. I’m constantly learning and applying. What is the current state of your music? I mostly do R&B, but I’ve been dabbling in rap as well. I hate mentioning a genre. I just heard a rock song by Tina Tuner that id like to cover. And even though it doesn’t sound like any other songs I’ve done - I’m never afraid to try something new. How are you choosing to spend your time when not making music? I recently adopted a cavapoo puppy. His name is Biscuit. Spending time with my Nana/Bubbee and Biscuit is so important to me. My nana means the world to me, I try to spend as much time with her as possible. I recently took her on a trip to California for two weeks. She had an amazing time. What do you take away from the music that inspires you? To learn from the greats. The emotion and storytelling skills that were captured and recorded makes them immortal. To be able to “feel” what an artist was feeling when they recorded the song you’re listening to is incredible. What is the most important foundation to creating a fulfilling career in music? What fulfills me is singing exactly what I want to sing about. In the past I’ve been handed pre-written songs and then received complaints when I didn’t sound believable on the track. I wanted to tell the producer “I’m 17, I don’t sound believable singing about my heart being broken because MY HEART HAS NEVER BEEN BROKEN.” But instead of complaining, I just kept recording until I got it right. What about a fulfilling life? My number one goal in life is to be in a constant state of bliss. To truly be happy. It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had. The feeling comes and goes for me. People often confuse achievements with fulfillments. I strive to do all I can, while I can. And I hope that one day, I will truly feel fulfilled. Leave us with a personal story that connects to your latest single? My new single “In My Head” talks about a love interest I had. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, no matter how hard I tried. We would date, take a break and always end up back together again. We were like magnets. We connected on a physical and spiritual level. This is what inspired “In My Head.”

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