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How Modern Amusement is living their BEST life and their best music is coming out SOON!

How are you living your best life right now during the Holidays?

Well, we just recently finished working on Modern Amusement's second album and are getting ready to start the roll-out, so right now I'm somehow trying to both take it easy for a little bit and prepare for the storm of new content we will be releasing within the next few months coming into the new year!

What ways are you looking to change your life in the upcoming months?

I guess I'm just trying to improve as a musician and artist just like always, it's a never-ending quest that I think all artists are a part of. I want to be able to look back at this time next year and be able to say I've grown a lot as an artist, just like I was able to do the year before.

What music should new fans be listening to?

We just released our newest song 'Sour Patch Kid', it's a fast pop-punk influenced number, try it out!

Sour Patch Kid is fun! Was it fun making the single?

Yeah it was a lot of fun, I always have the most fun doing the faster songs and putting a lot of energy into them, it really gets my blood pumping! I can't wait to start playing it for audiences at shows very soon!

How are you looking to spend your holiday season?

I'm really just looking forward to spending some time with family and friends, last year I wasn't really able to do that during the holidays so it will be extra special to be able to do it this time around.

What is inspiring you to do more or take some down time?

I think in life I'm always trying to find a balance between both of those things. For one I'm kind of obsessed with making music and art so I'm always working on something like that, but after finishing a big project I like to make sure I give myself some time to recharge and not overwork myself. Now comes the best part where I get to share all this hard work!

Upcoming projects you can share with us?

Modern Amusement's second album will be released next year, currently shooting for Spring. Also our webcomic Life Of Marco is currently running it's second season so you can check that out on Webtoons!

Leave us with everything!

Here's a Linktree to all our most relevant links, I hope you'll find something interesting and say hi!

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