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The best life of my friends call me Mel!

How are you living your best life?

I believe living the best life is one that is a balanced life. I try to make sure I’m taking care of every aspect of my life - relationally, spiritually, physically. My husband and I now live in Oahu, Hawaii after being stationed there with the Army. So right now, living our best life looks like beach days after work, cooking local dishes with friends, and playing a bit more ukulele.

Latest single?

“Get Over You” (released June 25) started off with me simply wanting to write an upbeat song & the lyric “a heart don’t break all at once” stuck in my head. I asked my San Antonio, TX gal pal Brittany Marshall to join me in the writer’s room. As two people who have experienced heartbreak in this lifetime, we started to write through the process of a break up with the lyric “a heart don’t break all at once” as a guiding line. There is a cyclical nature to healing from a heartbreak. There’s the initial denial saying you’re fine to everyone then crying to sad girl music alone in your car after running into them for the first time post break up. Then there are days (maybe months after) you are convinced you’re over it then a specific song comes on shuffle or you drive by a place that holds a hard-to-forget memory and a little piece of your heart breaks all over again. Even as a few years go by and you’re both happy with other people, there is the tiniest part that lastly grieves the life you once thought would be with that person. Though you know things are as they should be, it seems heart break is such a fickle thing. My producer, Stephen Hall, and I came up with some reference tracks from Julia Michaels, The Aces, and Halsey then got to work to create the sonic landscape that became “Get Over You”.

Favorite verse on it?

I think the second part of the second verse was my favorite: “almost said your name in a casual conversation, forgot how it felt on the tip on my tongue didn’t miss it that much” because it refers to a specific part in a breakup when someone who was once your world suddenly becomes a casual person that you can bring up without all the extra feelings attached to them. It’s an odd feeling that I wanted to include in the song.

Any collabs recently?

I’ve recently worked with Damaris Guerra, a Latin pop and R&B artist. Writing with Spanish speakers, as someone who doesn’t know Spanish, has been an exciting, new challenge. I have co-writes and collabs set up in the works right now - one being Katie Buxton. She is a friend from Belmont University and a fellow pop writer!

How do you connect with your fans the most?

I connect with them mostly through my IG but I hope soon to at least do some virtual shows from Hawaii.

Where can they continue to follow you?

They can follow me on IG/TikTok: @myfriendscallme.Mel

DM me or send me an email through my website

Leave us with your favorite advice you got about the industry?

It’s about people. Remember that in the writer’s room especially. Music is a vulnerable, personal thing. It’s a gift to be part of the creative process. Collaborative spirit wins out over a competitive/critical spirit.

Follow me on Instagram @myfriendscallme.Mel

and on Spotify under my artist name: my friends call me Mel

For video content check out my YouTube channel

For collaborations you can DM me on IG or email me through my website

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