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KinderCrowdControl talk about the importance of learning to play together.

What kind of music have you been making lately? Edem: KinderCrowdControl music. It’s our sound. Our music always reflects our current emotional feelings in regards to the social, artistic, and environmental climate we exist in. It comes naturally and organically.

Brett: We write what we like to hear. Sometimes it’s rock. Sometimes it’s electronic. Sometimes it’s music concrete. We write without preconceived stylistic boundaries, and yet we keep our focus on what’s listenable. Talk about your latest single! Edem: It’s a remix and remaster of a song off our 2016 album release “Songs To Saadet” called “Eastside Western”. This was one of the first tracks we ever recorded. So, with our new interface, and a few more years of production under our belts, it was great to revisit this track. It’s based on impressions of my neighborhood of Highland Park in Los Angeles. It’s a rough-round-the-edges but fabulous place overlooking Downtown L.A. Lots of character; one of the last good places left in this town. It retains its cool historic frontier vibe. Hence Eastside Western. This track stomps. Check it out.

Brett: I’d like to give a shout out to all of Edem’s neighbors for whom, without you, this track would not have been possible. Even the dogs. Favorite verse on it! Edem: “La Corazón de la Colina” or “The Heart of the Hill”. Announced by my neighbor Bill Wheeler who lives on Mt. Angelus near me. Very unique hill. One of the first settlements in L.A.

Brett: I think the dog barked that he wanted a cerveza. Listen and I think you’ll agree. How did you two meet? Edem: I’ll let Brett extrapolate on that; my memory on this is vague!

Brett: We met many years ago at a university in San Diego, CA. At the time, the only way you could meet other musicians was through word of mouth or local newspaper ads- but, in our case, the campus student notification board was how we met. Edem had posted a flyer looking for a bass player, so I tore it off the board, called the number, and the rest is history. Any challenges to collaborating? Edem: Not really. We’ve worked together for years, so we have a good rapport. I guess time and other commitments in our lives. But we tend to work in-and-around these. No riff or soundbite created is a waste; there’s usually a place for everything. No preconceptions people!

Brett: Working together for as long as we have, we’ve figured out each other’s strengths. As a result, our collaborations are very productive. We’ve learned to focus on what each of us brings to the table with the end in mind; that way everything stays positive and supportive. We’ve discovered an important distinction about music in that it’s most often performed by more than just one person, so my advice to your aspiring readers would be to learn to play together. What's the best part of collaborating? Edem: Taking A, adding B, and getting C. Or, taking a riff, bouncing it to the other, and getting something beyond preconception. B: For me, it’s about personal growth. The sharing of ideas expands my knowledge allowing me the opportunity of reaching a higher level of performance. Together, we come up with some really cool music. How do you connect with fans? Leave us with all your socials!

Edem: See the links below. Thanks for asking!

Brett: The best way to connect with us is through Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. We’ll always post the latest and greatest there. Don’t forget to Follow and share KCC with your social media network!


Instagram: kindercrowdcontrol

TikTok: kindercrowdcontrol

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