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The Crowe Boys have been making music since all three could pick up an instrument. Their music was an integral part of their families lifestyle, traveling all over the country as evangelists. While that aspect of their career has changed over the years, the underlying message of their music has not. Being positive and sharing hope has always been their trademark. Now, a couple of decades later, that is still the case.

Their sound today flies under the banner of Alternative music. It is reviving and hopeful, remembering adventure, yet revealing honesty of life and hardships. There have been milestones that contribute to what many of their songs are about… Losing family members, falling in love, and the joys of becoming a parent. The music can speak of depth or strum joy. It has purpose and intention, eager to share with the world.

The three brothers have a bond that is not only obvious on stage, it is in their creative process as well. Their passion shows most when they are able to sing about things most important to them. First and foremost is their relationship to family. It is the bond that held them inseparable as boys on the road; it’s the glue that kept them tied together & mending at the passing of their mom from cancer; and as men, it is having each other to lean on through life’s ups and downs. That dynamic is played upon in this latest round of music, and it is part of what makes the music powerful and hopefully life changing for those who need it!

The joy they know of today is found in authentic lyrics, definitive riffs, and brothers having fun despite living in historic broken times. Every song will give you a reason to move forward, the knowledge that you are not alone, and an understanding from three guys that it is in music that we often find our healer.

Thank you for taking this interview Crowe Boys! While your fans and new fans stream your music and read this interview, tell us the first thing that comes to mind that you're grateful for about your music career!

Wow! This is such a great question to start an interview with! I’d say the thing we are most grateful for at this moment is the support we’ve seen from our fans! We’re by no means a large band with a big following, but the few people that have been keeping up with us mean the world to us! Our band has had its share of downs lately and our fans have been there through the whole thing! We can’t thank them enough for their support!

What kind of inspiration influences your music that fans would be surprised by?

Okay here’s one that I think would surprise quite a few people. Lyrically our band isn’t Christian based but the inspiration behind our music arraignments are heavily influenced by Christian worship music.

Who has influenced you in your career?

The list of people, friends, family, artists, and bands that have influenced our career would be endless. If I could narrow it down to a couple artists, I’d say the band Need To Breathe and Ben Rector. We really love their ideologies about music and life!

Who is your biggest cheerleader in the industry? Why?

Oh man…biggest cheerleader in the industry?… This is really interesting cause I think most artists would think that the answer to this would be some big “manager” or “industry rep” but honestly, for us, it isn’t. Our personal manager, Edgar, is gonna have that place. He doesn’t get the “biggest opportunities” or the “greatest connection”. The reason he’s the best to us is because he would advise us to actually turn down a big opportunity if it meant we had to compromise on our mission as a band. He’s the best.

Who gives you the most critique? Why?

Our lead singer's wife, Clara. She’s a big “behind the scenes” part of what we do. She’s a really talented writer and has a great ear for quality music.

Do you often follow your heart or your brain when you have to make decisions in your career?

Wow, this is another really great question! The answer to that really depends on the circumstances at bay. We definitely lean more on making decisions with our hearts but we also really try to keep an equal balance between the two.

Making decisions on how to go about your next project, what do those conversations sound like?

My brothers and I disagree a lot but we all really want to connect with people more than anything. We write music about life and whatever that looks like in the moment. We try to be honest about good moments and the bad in hopes to encourage people through whatever part of life that they’re walking through.

Give us a fun fact about your latest music!

Oh, okay! Here’s one! Our song ‘Leather Wallet’ was actually inspired about a little picture book that Ocie has in his wallet. It has pictures of his wife and kids!

Best advice you've received on making new music?

Do what makes you feel good. Play the kind of music and sing the kind of lyrics you like to play and sing!

Give us some advice when it comes to pushing forward in your career?

Just be you! I think it’s important to have music role models but they shouldn’t be who you try to be. Just be you!

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