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The solo endeavor of singer/songwriter Lear Mason, Some Days Are Darker illustrates a rich

soundscape colored by hues of love, loss, and rebirth, an era-ambiguous amalgamation of

goth-rock gloom and modern-day crooner.

The Evolution with Some Days Are Darker:

What kind of musician would you classify yourself as?

I call it Gloom Croon. Most of my biggest influences are post-punk, dark wave, and goth rock.

Tell us something about the single 'Nocturne' that no one knows about?

The main chord progression was inspired by Glory Box by Portishead.

Your fans are ready to support you full force! What do you admire most about them?

I admire that they are all going through something, dealing with hardships, facing things they want to overcome. Each of these songs addresses a different type of internal struggle, but ultimately it's the people we love and find kinship with that get us through it.

Do you create for yourself or for your fans?

That's an interesting question. My initial response is that I create art 100% for myself, but if that were true I'd never share it. So I suppose I'm trying to create something that is as true to myself as I can be, while hoping that others will feel what I feel, or at least be able to connect.

Has your style evolved since the beginning of your career?

Dramatically. I've done about half a dozen serious bands. Some Days Are Darker is the most stripped down of them all. My early work was much heavier. Sonically heavier. In terms of mood and lyrical content though, this one is the heaviest.

When was that first moment when you realized that music was going to pay off for you?

Speaking monetarily it never has. Music is my art. It's a way to etch my soul into vinyl. The fulfillment I get from music, however, is priceless.

Releasing this single must mean the world to you! What has been the biggest reward from this project? This is the last single before our self-titled album comes out this November, so it feels really good to hit this milestone. There's nothing I wouldn't give. Artistically speaking, there isn't anything as rewarding to me as putting out a record. The next best part will be getting out and playing these songs live for the next year. Added bonus if people like them. What is your biggest lesson learned from the project?

There have been innumerable challenges along the way. Almost like everything is more difficult than it needs to be. One could even say that the universe wants me dead. But just when I think that might be the case, I see a glimmer of hope. No. The universe doesn't want me dead—it just wants me to work for it.

Creating your vision come true, please share what it really took to make this happen. We're so invested in what you're doing!

I have a life, and it only goes in one direction: forward. I'm from a gritty, working class town that is mostly shunned by the surrounding cities. I've learned to work for what I have.

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