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Max Gall shares the changes inside and outside of his music.

How are you living your best life right now?

This is a fun question to answer because I’m not sure I always think about it honestly. I just moved to Nashville eight months ago so I’ve been soaking up all the talent around town. I love going out to hear all the songwriters around town.

When I’m not working, out playing or seeing other artists play I like to get outside and explore area around Nashville. The other week I took a drive out to the smokey mountains with a friend and hiked for the day, things like that always seem to reset me and get my mind away from the day to day routine.

I am not big into partying, though at one point in my life I was. I am taking a year off of drinking and so far it has been amazing. To me that’s living my best life. I feel it has put me in a position to really focus on myself and my music without the distraction that can come along with that type of lifestyle.

Right Where We Need to Be is coming out soon! Congratulations! Is the song still being worked on?

Thank you! The song is finished but I’ve decided to hop in the studio and cut a new version of it. I recorded a version with a good friend of mine and loved that version, but since then I’ve changed a few things in the way I play it. So I want to cut an improved version and get that one out.

When do you know when it's done?

That is a hard thing to know. I get to a point with a song when I decide it’s time to start testing it live at writers rounds. Over time you start to settle into a certain way of performing it. Even when I “finish” a song and put it out I always look back later to see things I would do differently. So I guess you just have to make the call, put it out and move forward.

Where did the title come from?

The title “Right Where We Need To Be” came when I got to thinking about my past relationships. I think that relationships are hard when you are still figuring yourself out, at the same time, it’s nice to have someone in your life. So for me this song is just about the fact that not knowing exactly what you want is ok. If you feel like you’ve got a good thing going, then just roll with it and see where it takes you. Life is going to keep on moving so you can’t hold off on living your life till you have everything figured out, otherwise you’ll leave this world without ever having lived at all.

How did you become inspired to make this song?

I guess this takes me back to the last question about the title. When I first moved to Nashville I was only focused on getting settled in that I didn’t really think of dating at all. Once I really felt I had my feet underneath me I started going on dates. There was always that question of what it was I was looking for in a relationship, and it was never an easy thing to answer. I guess I didn’t really know and I thought it was a weird concept to define the way things are going to play out rather than just going with the flow.

How did you approach this song vs. songs past?

A friend of mine came over to play some guitar and she had her guitar in open C tuning so I tuned up with her. After that I kept my guitar in that tuning and just loved the sounds I was getting. That tuning has a cool folk sound to it and I just got hooked. I do a lot of writing in open tunings and feel each new tuning gives a fresh approach.

Where can fans stream and support you?

I have songs up on all streaming platforms so if you give my name a search I should come up. So far I only have live sessions that I’ve done with friends but I love the live sound. If you like what I’ve got and want to support me, then following along on my social media always means a lot. You can find me on instagram at Max Gall Music.

Leave us with a sneak peek of what to expect from you for the rest of this year?

I’m really just trying to write as much as I can. Writing by myself and writing with other artists around town that I’ve connected with. I have songs that I’m eager to record and get out but I’m not in any rush. So you can expect more music to come and definitely a lot more live performances. So if you see I’m playing in your area come out, I love meeting people so come chat with me after my set!

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