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The best life is through Travis Reigh's music!

Hi Travis!! How are you living your best life right now?

I'm living my best life through music. Everything about what Trey and myself are doing with country music will make people happy, sad, every emotion you can feel. We try to bring it in our music. We usually spend our days writing, playing live events, adding new music, etc.

What ways have you changed your life to be able to live your best life?

The way I've continued to live my best life is just to focus. Focus on family, friends, music, and your mind and body.

What new music should new fans be listening to?

The fans should definitely be listening to our current single "My Sweet Angel". The new single "On The Water" drops Labor Day. This tune will be an awesome close out summer song for our fans to enjoy and get out and enjoy life.

How did you come up with your latest tracks title?

My awesome guitar player and recording partner Trey Tucker is the writer of our latest hit "On The Water" and the title basically just came to him. When you listen to the song that's the vibe you get and where you want to be when you hear it.

Any advice you can give to artists out of experience when it comes to putting out music?

Any advice I could give to any upcoming artist when releasing music is to make sure you build a solid team. Make sure you're 100% happy with your song and get it in the right hands. Be wise and make sure it has top studio quality as well even if that costs some dollars.

Who are you most inspired by in this industry?

I have a lot of artists that inspired me to where I am today. I was always a big Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, Matchbox Twenty kinda guy. If you listen to our music it has a nice variety and fresh sound to it most people will enjoy.

Upcoming projects you can share with us?

The latest project is just to follow me! Travis Reigh. We will have many more tunes coming by the end of the year and the next. Keep an eye on all social media and upcoming shows.

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