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Story time with Singer/ Songwriter Carson Aday! CA: 5 years ago my dad found a small keyboard for a good deal on Facebook. None of my family members are musical, so this was quite odd. I remember thinking that I should learn to play a song; it seemed like other people had fun when playing piano. I sat down at the keyboard and quickly understood the fundamentals of music. After a few hours I could play through a few pieces by Beethoven and Mozart alongside some 70’s rock songs. After a semi-viral Facebook post, I was competing globally 6 months later. What has given you thick skin throughout your career? CA: My passion. Music has become the air I breathe, and that’s not something that words can take away. How do you level with yourself when something doesn't feel right in your music making? CA: When things start feeling weird, I step away for a bit. I’ll take a walk and spend some time outside, or I’ll even leave the project for a few days to regroup and gather inspiration. Sometimes a song will be complete after 5 minutes, and sometimes it takes years. It just takes patience and humility. There is a lot of celebration surrounding your music, how are you celebrating all the success? CA: I just take everything day by day, being thankful for the people that appreciate my music and for the opportunity to continue pursuing it. What is the next big challenge for yourself in this industry? CA: My next step is just growing my audience. I have another project in the works, and I’ve really enjoyed writing it! I’ll continue doing that alongside playing shows in the area. Your journey is special, how would you define it in your own words? CA: Music is my craft, passion, career, and outlet. It’s therapeutic, inspiring, and fun. I’m pursuing what I love with the gifts I’ve been given! Trying day in and day out to make sure your music is magic, how do you keep the magic within yourself to keep creating? CA: I can’t credit that to myself. A consistent prayer of mine is for inspiration, and a gratitude for what I’ve already received. God has been so generous to me to inspire and gift me in this industry! You are spectacular, truly. Give the fans everything they need to make sure they don't miss out on any of your music!

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